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Ordinarily I would expect the Other Squad Zero Captains to be miffe with, and perhaps intervene to prevent Ouetsu from sending Ichigo away, since Ouetsu's just one guy, and Ichigo was invited there by the order of the Spirit King himself after all, but knowing Kubo, they'd probably not say anything until Ichigo is done with his training.

On another note, why did Ouetsu not just simply explain the situation to Ichigo, instead of just sending him off, and then saying some words after Ichigo was no longer there?
This why I don't think Ichigo was sent back home aka Karakura town. I think he was sent to Ouestsu so he can explain to Ichigo who he really is. Like the Soul King, presumably, I think he knows more about Ichigo than Ichigo does. Well everybody might know more about Ichigo than Ichgo does.

One other thing I was thinking of was that maybe the Zanmaker sent Ichigo to someone related to Ichigo in the Soul Palace. It could happen.

Back to the Soul King. I'll theorize that one reason he left SS is because he could not agree with Shinigami wanting to monopolize SS. Obviously the Soul King isn't a mere Shinigami. Perhaps the reason he wants to meet Ichigo is that Ichigo is the closest being to what the Soul King is, Something/someone that contains elements of all the sentient life forms in existence.
Yeah that seems plausible.