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Damn you Kubo!!!! You killed the 2 best Captains ....
Let me guess, now both Ichigo and Ken have to go through yet more training arcs, AmIRite?
Well Ichigo does need to reclaim or gain a new weapon, while Zaraki... does he need bankai ? If yes, then yes he would need to train to obtain it (perhaps Urahara style 3 day doll training ?).

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Renji/Byakuya are friends of Kenpachi? Madarame and Yumichika should've been on that pic!

I'm curious where Ichigo has been sent to, wonder if he stays.
Nope, underlings that wouldn't survive even one true slash from Kenpachi can't be considered playful sparing partners.

BTW. Zaraki's zan is polite :O .