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I thought that The Wood spears fired at the Aliance Ninjas through the Juubi were Generated by Obito, using his Mokuton link with the Juubi.

Bad enough that the Sharingan is from the Juubi, and maybe even the Rinnegan, but I wouldn't want everything to be Juubi Based. I honest HOPE that Mokuton does not originate from the Juubi. Honestly, shheeesh !
True, I gave it a second thought and I agree with you. Its needs to be related to the S06P, and not the Juubi. My only problem with the Juubi right now is; he seems like a powerful beast and all, but he lacks charisma! Juubi looks like one of those beasts in manga BLEACH..

Juubi needs to change from the outside.. so far; Juubi and 7 tails look a like and thats not what I excepted from the 10 tails.