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    where there is food

    Naruto 621 Discussion / 622 Predictions

    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    Senior Member Yoru's Avatar
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    It felt so damn short. It was like reading bleach!

    And why all the relationships between important characters have to start at their very childhood? Couldn't they for once have met as adult individuals with their ideas about the world in mind?
    I thought uchihas and senju were was it possible for madar and hashirama to meet so randomly? werem't the uchiha guarding their territory?

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    Hashirama.. Wow.. Just wow. His Mokuton-godmode jutsu made the kyuubi with its Suitsanoo look like Webster.


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    Even more epic than I thought it would be: and I already had high expectations for that fight.

    Madara will probably give the Juubi Susanoo armor somewhere down the line.

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    Hashirama's powers just get more and more extreme. Am I mistaken or did Hashirama use some kind of Sage mode? Either way, Hashirama's powers are truly on a whole different level from any other ninja we have seen so far in the series. Hashirama seems to have an answer for everything, even a full powered Kyuubi merged with Susanoo wasn't enough to take him down. There has to be a reason for why Hashirama is so much more powerful than everyone else. We know how Madara obtained his power but Hashirama's powers are a complete mystery and what's even more strange is that no one else in the Senju clan could even use Mokuton, let alone use it on the godly scale the Hashirama uses it. I am really hoping that this flashback finally reveals the secret behind Hashirama's bloodline and how he came to be such a god among ninja.

    If Hashirama is indeed a sage perhaps it was his study of the Sage arts that somehow allowed him to tap into the full potential of his bloodline (He doesn't seem to have any animal qualities unlike the sage modes we have seen sofar). Yet, I doubt that is the whole story otherwise I am sure that other Senju would have also obtained it. I am beginning to think that Hashirama's interaction with the Uchiha played a part in awakening his bloodline. It seems strange that Hashirama would have met with the Madara at such a young age since the Uchiha and Senju were enemies by blood. We already know that the bloodlines are connected and relate to one another, so perhaps his bloodline was awakened by his interaction with the Uchiha.
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    - Using Susanoo to armor the Bijuuu wow what if Madara does this with the Jyuubi...???

    - So Orochimaru's gate summoning originally belonged to Hashirama

    - OMO Hashirama had some kind of Sage mode???

    - LoL Madara & Hashirama as kids this should be good

    - Hashirama looks a bit like Gai as kid.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Senior Member veLocity-'s Avatar
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    Congrats to the person who said Hashirama had natural chakra gathering abilities last week.

    Shit just got real.

    Edit: Nice association between the bijuu-susanoo-sword scene making it across the giant river and the rock skimming scene. Madara did cheat though, he used the Kyuubi.

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    The pressure was on Kishi to bring it now that he's finally shedding some much needed light on how the great battle of VoftE went down. And dare I say it but Kishi is certainly delivering the goods. I mean engulfing the kyuubi in Susano'o chakra so it wears it like a suit of armour, that's all kinds of awesome. And Hashirama's counter was good, it has to be some sort of sage mode. The flashback to when they first me was unexpected, though it further emphasizes that Naruto and Sasuke's rivalry is a parallel of Hashirama and Madara's rivalry.

    It would be a major shame if Sasuke chooses to follow directly in Madara's footsteps after hearing Hashirama out. I don't expect him to become like what Obito used to be, before Madara got his claws into him. Sure enough he'll probably still follow a path that leads to conflict and destruction but if he can do so in a manner that is free of Tobi's deception and manipulation then I will at least give a rats ass about happens to Sasuke.

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    Senior Member Zero's Avatar
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    Oh damn and here I thought that the Kyubi-Susanoo fusion was left for Naruto and Sasuke, oh well.

    It's interesting that the marks that appeared on Hashirama's face, are similar to the way Naruto painted his face for Shinobi License foto:

    What's more the symbol that appeared on Hashirama's head:

    is the symbol of Sakura's clan :O.

    It really seems to be some kind of sage or rather hermit mode. Wouldn't it be awesome if Hashirama taught this to Sasuke (or he just copied it ?), seeing as Sasuke is compatible with natural energy (he doesn't seem to be strong enough for now) ?

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    I'm split between a really great chapter or a poor one, because like Yoru, it felt so short

    To make Kurama don Susanoo like a armour was an excellent move by Madara to counter Harashirama's wood dragon that already was a counter to the bijuu bomb (way to go kishi).

    Oro's gate summoning is the same has Harashirama, although on a lower level.
    I got to this point, due to the fact that the name wasn't (to me) familiar, i re-read the chapter of Oro vs Naruto, and the gates Oro used were translated to sanjuu rashoumon, but Harashirama used gojuu rashoumon.

    On a google search, sanjuu is translated to 3 (or triple), while gojuu is translated to 5 (or quintuplicate), so Harashirama summoned 5 gates, although i can only see 4 in my best try

    Witch makes me think what is the "animal" type that allows to summon gates, Jyraya/Minato and Naruto had/have a contract with the frogs, Tsunade (and maybe Sakura) have a contract with the slugs, Oro had a contract with the snakes, and yet he had to have another to allow him to summon the gates.

    It has been proven in th that Harashimara did know Sage arts, his eye pattern becomes the symbol in his forehead when he goes sage mode, like Narutos's become like the frogs eyes, the main question is, what does the symbol represent.

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