Since we're all on break and chewing off our thumbs as we "patiently" await a fresh One Piece fix, I thought: Why not offer up our opinions on completed One Piece arcs, as they come hot off the press?! And it just so happens that we just finished with a doozy!

Here here: Ratings, Opinions, Critiques of the One Piece Arc "Punk Hazard"!
  • Who were the big winners and losers?
  • How were the new characters introduced handled?
  • Why in the hell does Caribou keep getting so much hype through TWO AND A HALF freaking arcs now?!

Personally, I loved it, and I would venture to say that this is an opinion that most would share. From the first intro to the mystery of an island that was both erupting and freezing over, the existence of a dragon, the tease of Law, and all the manly awesomeness he wrought, Punk Hazard started strong and never really let up. We were introduced to a pretty deadly big bad who was able to reveal more about the inner workings of the government. We got to see Luffy together with his BFF Smoker again, Zorro might have been forced to give Tashigi just a bit more respect, and Samurai are introduced--Along with a tease of NINJAS!

And all that was before the arc dragged in a second, much more threatening Schichibukai, a freaking Yonkou, and a bloody former Marine Admiral!!!

To me, in the big picture the kids and the giantification subplot seemed to be the only extraneous/not-entirely-necessary part of the arc. But I suppose it gave Nami and Chopper some shine time, so I won't complain too much.

So yeah, what are your thoughts on Punk Hazard as a whole? The events that occurred therein, and the effect/relevance of those events on the plot going forward?