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Besides some awesome looking art...I honestly don't really know what the hell just happened in this chapter. Was he imagining things? N y does unohana seem so hellbent on getting herself killed. It isn't zaraki's style to kill ppl eg.tousen,ichigo cause he wants to keep them alive in order to fight them again.
I call it Kubo-Glyphics. Unohana wanted to atone for her unintended crippling of Zaraki Kenpachi. I too see her dying as a complete waste. Soul Society needs her powers for the next fight. Not just as a healer, but imagine if Kenpachi regains his strength, and Unohana could also fight alongside him.

Next Chapter though, I really want to see how the new Zangetsu would look like, and I want to see more about the Soul King, however I don't really believe we'll see these yet for quite a while to come.