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^ Well, rather than a Senju for certain, he might have been just one of the So6p's descendants. The Silver and Gold brothers are mentioned just like that, without specifying from which descendant (the younger or the older brother) they came.

Anyway, is it me, or have Tobirama experimented on the Uchiha ? He seems to know way too much, with way too detailed background images and workings of their brains. To even mention that he has seen it countless time, yet strangely enough, no one else knew about it and there was no mention of it, to the point that even Oro didn't seem to know about it. Yep, he might have been, no, he probably was a mad scientist as well. After all, how many people had he sacrificed, before completing Edo Tensei to an usable point/state ?
Well, they were at war for the longest time, which probably got him curious regarding the Uchiha eye techniques. For that matter, the Uchiha might have wanted to know themselves, if only to see if there was a fast track method to unlocking their power, giving them a stronger army. Once the Leaf Village was founded, I'm sure there were still cases of Uchiha's giving in to their emotions and losing control. When they were killed, they may have performed a medical examination to determine what they could. It might not have been as sophisticated as what could be done in the present-day Naruto world, but Tobirama isn't an average shinobi either.