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● Now its confirmed, Sasuke IS having second thoughts on his revenge. He now sees 2 options, either take revenge OR .. something else. Seems a little bit odd to me that he could change his mind so easily.

● What is even more odd is the fact that even Orochimaru himself is starting to shed his dark side - he said, that depending on the answer of Hashirama he might help Sasuke destroy the Leaf. But the way I see it, he is eagerily waiting for Hashiramas answers just as much as Sasuke bcs even Orochimaru has grown to have second thoughts about his villianity.

● I absolutely cannot wrap my head around this new Orochimaru, its just not him anymore. More so, I think Im going to be very dissapointed if it turns out that Orochimarus parents died bcs of the Leaf.

● Some serious DBZ moment in this chapter, earlier many people saw the senju brothers like the dynamic duo from DBZ - Vegeta and Goku. This chapter deepens that analogy. When Hashirama raised his chakra to intimidate his brother I couldnt help but think that it was just like in DBZ where characters would constantly raise theyre "Chi" and everything around goes flying and crumbling.

● To silence the critics, Kishi made Tobirama say "earlier you summoned us with low power, unlike now .. bla bla". Casual readers surely wont make any fuss about this stuff, but Im going to nitpick and say that it was just a "cover story" to hide a plot hole.

● Whatever the answer will be, I can already see that Sasuke vs Naruto is in jeopardy .. even if it happens then it surely lost a lot of merit since Itachi and Hashirama "warmed up" Sasuke so much that Naruto doesnt have to do much himself.
i don't think the edo tensei power levels being different was a plot hole. it was shown consistently through kabuto's version that power can be increased or enhanced so it should hold that the opposite is true. furthermore, orochimaru was a man of capable calculation. since the battle took place within that small area of the rooftop barrier, limiting their power was sensible given that their jutsu's were not exactly surgical or precision oriented. they were, instead, jutsus that work best in open areas. if a full powered hashirama cut loose with mokuton then it would probably squish everyone against the barrier walls, same with tobirama's jutsus. oro wanted to use 3 powered down kage's as a perfect counter balance to just one shinobi but with minato unexpectedly out of oro's equation, it backfired. i enjoy arguing all things edo tensei