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    edo tensei confirmed to be cast with ability to lessen or limit the power of the summoned. sarutobi indeed fought watered down versions of hashirama and tobirama. case is finally closed!

    ive been waiting for orochimaru taking the zetsu to be noticed
    glad it was hadhirama because he doesn't seem too worried that oro now has mokuton at his disposal.

    i am really curious what can happen even physiologically with hashi and zetsu clones in close proximity.

    orochimaru is clearly playing them for fools! he took zetsu, has sasuke and hashirama in the same room.. if madara has the cursed seal then oro woild be about within the final stage of the most epic plan in all of naruto! he now has two options for each bloodline. senju, he has absorbed zetsu and edo hashi in the room. uchiha, sasuke at his side and the possible cursed seal takeover with immortal edo madara. if oro is careful he could pull it off and get all the top power to himself! all the ingredients right where he wants them. the stone tablet is almost within his reach!

    wood dragon was epic and it appears to react to bijuu chakra. it became a new energy entirely when it absorbed the bijuudama and a counter being sprung from the mokuton and whalloped the susanoo!

    cant wait for next week!

    p.s. if uchiha brains produce special chakra at the onset of despair that results in sharingan, what sort of analog occurred for the senju? great chakra boosts at the onset of joy?
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    Lol this chapter should satisfy all those who were complaining about Hashirama's personality in the last chapter.

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    The flashback to end all flashbacks, Primera: Hashirama vs. Madara! At last, it has begun.

    Will we survive it...

    (Flashback to end all flashbacks, Segundo: Void Century! We can always dream...)


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    Fuck u rokudo sennin go first hokage in serius mode
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    Good chapter, although it felt a bit short. A small foreshadowing here atleast. Orochimaru said he would/could release them to fight Madara. Depending on Sasuke's choice. Also, Hashirama said he would remove the evil in Sasuke. I see Sasuke's redemption in reach. And a full blown edo-kage vs Madara, Tobi and Jubi fight

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirxxx View Post
    (Flashback to end all flashbacks, Segundo: Void Century! We can always dream...)
    Hahaha, give it 5 to 10 years XP
    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    Great chapter, the wood dragon grabbing the Bijuu bomb and using it to punch Sussanoo is a sick move.

    I am a little confused about the interaction the 1st and 2nd had early in the chapter. Did the 2nd power up his chakra and as soon as he raised his hand to attack the 1st busted loose and smashed the place up and told him to lower his hand? Or was it that the 2nd busted the place up? i didnt get that bit.

    We also have a pretty definative answer to why they chose the Uchiha hideaway, as it is like the room where naruto fought Kurama - Chakra is completely sealed off from the rest of the world, ensuring no interuptions and no one could sense them - but whoever smashed the place up broke the seal and made it so they could sense Naruto.
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    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    I finally get to see the most epic fight in all of ninja history. Even more so than the sage vs the Juubi. I have waited so very long for this. Ever since I saw their statues at the VOTE when Naruto fought Sasuke. I just jnew they were exceptional ninja by the looks of them.

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    ● Now its confirmed, Sasuke IS having second thoughts on his revenge. He now sees 2 options, either take revenge OR .. something else. Seems a little bit odd to me that he could change his mind so easily.

    ● What is even more odd is the fact that even Orochimaru himself is starting to shed his dark side - he said, that depending on the answer of Hashirama he might help Sasuke destroy the Leaf. But the way I see it, he is eagerily waiting for Hashiramas answers just as much as Sasuke bcs even Orochimaru has grown to have second thoughts about his villianity.

    ● I absolutely cannot wrap my head around this new Orochimaru, its just not him anymore. More so, I think Im going to be very dissapointed if it turns out that Orochimarus parents died bcs of the Leaf.

    ● Some serious DBZ moment in this chapter, earlier many people saw the senju brothers like the dynamic duo from DBZ - Vegeta and Goku. This chapter deepens that analogy. When Hashirama raised his chakra to intimidate his brother I couldnt help but think that it was just like in DBZ where characters would constantly raise theyre "Chi" and everything around goes flying and crumbling.

    ● To silence the critics, Kishi made Tobirama say "earlier you summoned us with low power, unlike now .. bla bla". Casual readers surely wont make any fuss about this stuff, but Im going to nitpick and say that it was just a "cover story" to hide a plot hole.

    ● Whatever the answer will be, I can already see that Sasuke vs Naruto is in jeopardy .. even if it happens then it surely lost a lot of merit since Itachi and Hashirama "warmed up" Sasuke so much that Naruto doesnt have to do much himself.
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