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Ok, First: You have to get your face checked out! Like, right now. Two weeks of abuse cannot be healthy for anyone's skin tone.
And, Second: Well...they don't have to fight right now :-/

1.I don't mind if Oda wants to take another 100 chapters to properly set up the confrontation (as he is so expertly doing now)--I still maintain that Luffy should meet Doflamingo in battle, and must be able to defeat him when he does.

Otherwise, you're giving me two positions that I didn't take, and don't believe: That Oda should corrupt the pacing of the story, and that he should do so to have Luffy rOFLSTMP Doflamingo. I didn't say I wanted to see either of these things. I agree with you.So I can't even counter-argue because I didn't say what you...well, you get it.

2.Each crewmember has not been defeated--they've been careless, and have succumbed to environmental hazards like terrible RPG characters. Yes, Luffy did overcome a VERY strong opponent in Hody and an incredibly lethal one in CC, but I would not call either case really struggling. When are we going to get another Zoro vs. Mr. 1? Usopp + Chopper vs. Mr. 4 and MerryChristmas? Nami vs. Kalifa? Luffy vs. Lucci?

THAT was struggle. THAT was seeing protagonists overcome impossible odds. THAT was the magic.

3.To be sure, the crew has been performing QUITE admirably! In fact, I would argue they have been 100% beasting 100% of the challenges they have faced since the timeskip. We're getting little of the stuff that made us fall in love with these characters: watching this family of wackjobs put everything they had--blood, bones, lives--on the line against people who should be able to wipe the floor with them. I don't want to see that change.

There is plenty of story before, during, and, I'm sure, after Doflamingo. Strong as he is, he's small fry compared to the admirals and Yonkou--that has been readily certain. To be honest, if Luffy can't top him, he really should just quit right now and rent himself out as a bouncehouse at children's parties.

P.S. Third: Your Bleach observation was spot-on lol.
Lol. Glad to see my adament-tinged forwardness was received in good humor. I'll be sure to talk to my doctor about your next post in two weeks :p

(See inserted corresponding numbers)

1. I didn't mean to insinuate that Luffy should take the majority of the remaining story defeating fodder and avoiding the beasts. I was simply addressing your obvious eagerness for Luffy to defeat a big name in the NW rather quickly after entering the NW, technically but one arc, this past one, ago. He has plenty of build up potential as the story progresses and Oda is beginning what appears to be one of the greatest sagas to date, where Luffy and crew will certainly have a few magical moments I'm sure. Nothing to argue about between the two of us there. I, however, disagree that it will be Luffy to defeat Doflamingo. If Aokiji decides to let him off with a warning or let him escape quietly, the final defeat Doflamingo succumbs to will be at Law's hands, seeing as they have such a history and now vendetta against one another. That or Kaido will actually wipe the floor with him.

2. Yeahhh, I equated defeat with carelessness. Not equal but similar occurences. Either way though, the point I was trying to make is that the crew is still vulnerable, and whatever amount of chapters Oda decides to create do not disregard that each chapter, each villain, power up, etc is all a step in the process of them overcoming the NW. True, the past two arcs conflicts have been relatively easy for the crew to overcome, with a few more pressing struggles I previously mentioned. Again I don't believe we are in mutual agreement that Luffy and crew must face stronger opponents in the future, and ultimately must triumph. But, they have to start somewhere; otherwise, the story risks experiencing those rushed unhyped victories void of the very magic you, I, and everyone who reads One Piece indulges on.

3. Somewhat related to my number two thoughts, number three's matter more so on the idea of the SHs single handedly defeating their enemies from here on out. While the majority certainly will fall by their hands (Shanks, BB, Big Mom), I once again believe Law to be the ultimate benefactor/victor/trump card from this united confrontation against Kaidou, an attack plan based upon the alliance theory which is certain to become more relevant for the duration of the remaining manga. After all, Law explained that this chapter, it is no longer possible for a single crew to eliminate the Yonkou themeselves, let alone their vast underlings. Despite plot biased, Oda cannot simply push a single crew against unrealistic odds he already laid out before us. Face it, alliances are here to stay.

PS. Seems I sort of started the Bleach references going, no? lol