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Kabuto claimed that Jiraiya's DNA could be obtained from the weapons carried by Nagato's "Paths"... no clue if/why Obito still has possession of those, but whatever.

Also, I'm expecting the Rikudou to make an appearance eventually, but not through Edo Tensei... perhaps when Naruto becomes the Juubi's Jinchuuriki, the assembled Bijuu (each of which received a fragment of the Rikudou's chakra or some such) will allow the two of them to meet, and the Rikudou will bestow upon Naruto some wisdom or knowledge that will help Naruto live up to his role as the Rikudou's reincarnation.
the part inbold is an interesting way of looking at it. If Naruto was to become the juubi jinchuuriki and the names of his beast friends forever was the key to unlocking some So6P wisdom then it could end up being a good countermeasure to Sasuke upgrading his already powerful eyes to rinnegan. In theory it would be the epitome of the older bro/younger bro having the So6P's eyes and body. However Madara and Tobi would have to be out of the picture by that stage.