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If all Uchiha are like that, then I'm starting to wonder if the Elder Brother wasn't like that as well. It does seem that it all started with him. Perhaps his doujutsu should be simply considered as an inborn EMS (they do have different shapes varying quite strongly). It would have been quite strange if So6p himself was like that, then again, with his sealing techniques, he might have been able to block it. This might really be a result of the Jyubi, seeing as even a slight amount of Natural Energy, tends to turn Juugo into a psychopath, so perhaps that special chakra, is indeed a Senjutsu Chakra. This would explain why Sasuke seems to have near unlimited (at least a lot of additional) amount of special chakra for his MS jutsu. The fact that they didn't learn a proper method of drawing and molding it, might be the cause of their eyesight deteriorating.

Ah the ET, I'm still wondering about the possibility of Obito using it, reviving all Uchiha (of whose eyes he has, this includes Shisui and Izuna) as well as other, like Jiraya, whose DNA he supposedly has in his possession (according to Kabuto). He knows how to perform the technique and he does have enough sacrificial material. Or perhaps even Madara himself having stored a few Edo Zombies just in case (he does to seem to know a lot about the technique).
when did either tobi or kabuto claim posession of jiraya's dna? i thought kabuto explained his body sank too deep for retreival/dna extraction. unless you meant shisui's dna at that point?

i think kishi knows that the readers wont buy into any more et episodes. undoing the dead demon seal is a pretty epuc triumph for orochimaru and reviving the four hokage is a definitive feat i hope delivers the finality to the et jutsu's use. only the sage or his sons would be worthy candidates for justifiable continued use of et but at that point it upsets so much balance and the manga has been wobbling frequently ever since madara was still just a "mystery coffin'.

if the one ring and its 1-3 tomoe were described as 'the that reflects feelings" then how does that change our understanding of subsequent rings and tomoe? complete formation is 3 rings and 3 tomoe. is each ring a reflection something special within the divine or human condition?

it's interesting that the sharingan may grow potentially to rinnegan but does not go through 2 more rings and 6 more tomoe to get there.

it seems the first generation shinobi undetstood things much differently than naruto's and even the sannin generation.