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● A while back I was theorizing about the VOTE battle between Hashirama and Madara - I thought about it and I came to conclusion that its highly possible that Hashirama spared Madaras life and gave him his "cells" through a healing jutsu. Seeing how Hashirama in todays chapter acts when someone gives a bad look at the uchihas made me only more certain that my theory is correct. What do you guys think ?
Good thinking. Maybe Naruto will do that to Sasuke in their upcoming confrontation. Assuming this is true, then the consequences of the dispute between the younger brother and elder brother are three-fold. The first being that their respective clans would form based on opposing ideology, ensuring that conflict is inevitable and sustained. Through the conflicts caused by that, loved ones will be lost and the "curse" will subsequently over take the Uchiha. The clan rivalry ensures that inter-breeding doesn't occur thus the cycle takes form and the Uchiha's genetic curse actively sustains itself until of course Naruto changes that.