Itís a real shame really. The naruto anime up until the VOTE fight was one of the best animeís Iíve ever seen! Great animation, themes, flashbacks and everything one could ask for! Iíve hooked so many people with that anime because of how great it was! I even have my girlfriend and my dad watching anime because of it!

Now after the time skip itís a whole different story. I think its more of a business now, more on how much we can get out of this before its over. So many epic moments have been ruined because of this. I can say that beside the kakashi gaiden, jiraya vs pain, sasuke vs itachi and the flashback oh the kyubi attack this naruto shippuden has been a complete let down. Maybe Iím missing a few good episodes but the vast majority I just wish I could forget.

Im still a believer though, I catch up to the anime every now and then, skipping the fillers of course. I keep thinking that one day those magical anime moments will come back but until now itís only been wishful thinking.

ps. the fight between sakura and sasori was horrible! all i can remember is sakura evading needles for like 3 episodes!