I only started watching Naruto about two years ago. Starting with the anime, mostly because I've never seen any anime or read any manga. Except for at couple of volumes of One Piece.

Naruto sucked me right in immediatly, and when I caught up with the latest anime episodes, I started reading the manga instead. In order to advance in the story. And that kinda changes how I feel about Naruto.

Firstly, I get only one chapter a week. So the suspence it a lot stronger. Second, it feels like it's coming directly from Kishimoto. Third, it's more straight to business. No expanded flashbacks or fillers.

But these are things that I only noticed after I started reading the manga. And today, I watched the latest anime episode, Itachi vs Naruto. And it doesn't feel as epic as I thought it'd feel.. It's like the drawings aren't really quite as I want them to be. The animators add more than they need to as well.

Any other thoughts on this?