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    Angry How to contact the owner?

    First of all, I've already asked from other admin how it's possible to contact the site owner.
    But either way, the admin did not know how to contact the owner or they didn't response.
    I'm starting to lose my patience, if a certain issue isn't solved in 10 days, then I have no other chose to put a 'point' behind it.

    Edit: The countdown is over, the issues are not solved yet. So I have no chose than temporary quit posting anything, you won't see me for around 10 days. As long as their isn't anything done against:
    - the mass advertising on the tracker
    - the extravagant use of adfly (why do you need a hundred adfly links, while half has nothing to do with the actual series were it's posted under).
    - series that are wrongly credited (omg, MangaPanda does not do everything, don't give credits to a group/reader that has nothing to do with it.)
    - adfly is NOT a direct link, don't name it as a direct link please( the ones that think so, I would say have fun traveling from Paris to Barcelona, while passing Peking. )
    - the most annoying is the fact that I'm only losing money, while all those adfly-addicts parasitize bucks of money. (for letting you know, the earnings of the free file hosts are insufficient for the cost of putting everything up, this is already for three months or so. If I wouldn't work under a non-profit policy then I was already bankrupt two months ago.)
    - chomio is on strike for around 10 days
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