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Her sin was being to weak to stand up to his power. She was just strong enough that he got a thrill from the fight, but not strong enough to survive it, so he locked up his power subconsciously so he could continue to get the thrill of fighting at the razor's edge of life and death. It's not really her fault, exactly, but at the same time, it was their first fight that caused him to do it, so she feels responsible.
Yup, it a warriors mind set like unohana's, it is her weakness that cost a child warrior(kid zaraki) to his current state, it was her weakness that made zaraki unconsciously weakened himself in order to prolong the joy and thrill of their fight.... it wasn't really her fault as you said as it is probably zaraki's ability or his zanpaktou that did this but unohana as a warrior woman felt it that way... a once proud killer with no equal or peers, the strongest kenpachi and the 1st one turned out to be weaker than a mere child <--this is such a big blow to warriors especially if they are projects similar to samurais