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And anyone else notice that the dude talking to her looks a hell lot like Renji??? Maybe thats the reason why she healed him during the SS arc after his fight with byakuya as some sort of debt to this person.
From his looks alone, I can do as much as guess. He might be Ginjirō Shirogane, the owner of the Sunglasses Shop. He might, just as Renji, been part of 11 Division, until he was promoted to VC of the 6th Division. He was never shown, only his daughter was shown in an omake and she does look a little like the guy in Unohana's flashback:

Kubo showing him in a flashback, might mean that he will join the next battle against Quincy, seeing as many Shinigami have died and they need to fill their spots.

I guess Aizen wasn't vary of Zaraki for nothing. It might have been Aizen's end if Zaraki were to return to his old self. If Aizen and Zaraki met as kids, Aizen might have chosen a different path, since he became like this because he was lonely, or something, well he was strong the moment he was born and had no one stronger to look up to (it was something like that).

I wonder if the SK had illegitimate children.