Personally, I think Sasuke's ultimate answer will be to end the Shinobi system, which promotes and propagates war, hatred, and distrust. He needs to look beyond just Konoha and the Uchiha, just as Naruto has goals greater than simply becoming Hokage. Naruto's greatest goal is to fulfill the role of saviour left to him by Jiraiya/his parents/the Frog Prophecy/etc. Sasuke has nothing to put him on that level, and until now has set his sights too low to truly be a rival to Naruto at this stage.

I wonder if the Hokage themselves will share Naruto's own optimism, confronted with Sasuke, the embodiment of their failures. Even his path of hatred is a result of the Hiruzen's failed policies and Minato's corrupted student.

Much as I'm mostly interested in the flashback/insights in upcoming chapters, I'm pretty sure these Hokages will eventually hit the battlefield to help save the future, whatever Sasuke decides. Perhaps they'll determine that, regardless, Sasuke is better than Madara, so stopping Madara is the priority.