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@paul, rather than Sasuke forcing them to tell him their secrets, he will simply tell them to tell him their true dark story and not the happy version that most people are spewing around. A dark side of the village and what Kohona has done, will come up while they tell their story. Thus, Sasuke will learn the truth (it's all about it anyway, since Sasuke have already heard Tobi's/Madara's version of the story).

BTW. This reminded me that Kakashi was quite lucky that Tobi was the first one to meet up with Sasuke after his fight with Itachi. Otherwise, Kakashi might have been dead because of Itachi's Amaterasu Trap, seeing as he and Obito have eyes from the same pair.
That was one of many reasons I thought that Tobi couldn't have been Obito. Because Saskue met Kakashi and team 7 back in the Danzo fight. So I guess it must have been a one shot deal, but then why would Tobi put his mask back on..? So confusing.

Remember if Saskue asks what is a village for, its a loaded question. Saskue is wondering why they would annihilate an entire clan because of a few differences. I believe the answer is power, uchihas had it in spades. Honestly it will make his argument seem substantial and not child like, which everyone is thinking.

You know, he is just whining about his sad life. Emos are out of style, Hipsters like Naruto are in. He is angry but doesn't know who to be angry at. That I believe is going to be Naruto's opening statement when they face each other again. If I were in Saskue's place, I would be angry too and I wouldn't know who to be angry at. Definitely not at the villagers because they have no clue what happened. Danzo is already dead, and he ordered the uchiha massacre. So were does he put all that rage?