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Now I can see why Suigetsu said this scroll could turn the tides of war in their favor! And for everyone saying that Orochimaru has turned a new leaf because of the way he is acting, I think it is because he is not stupid. Why would he wage a war and slaughter the people of Konoha when he is going to bring back to life the people who died protecting it? I mean how pissed do you think ALL 4 Hokage's would be if they get brought back to life only to see Konoha destroyed and the person who did it is also the one who brought them back to life?

I honestly am not sure where this is going to head, I mean are they going to try and use them as pawns for their own plan? Will the 2nd allow that this time? And speaking of that, why didn't he break the seal when he was fighting the third like Madara did? Oh how I sometimes love the plot-hole no jutsu.
Madara was not being controled by Kabuto at all, while Orochimaru controled the 2nd right from scratch. Also, Madara freed himself after ET was lifted, OTOH, the 2nd Hokage never had ET lifted, but he was sealed using Shiki Fuiin. He never got the chance to fee himself.