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    Orochimaru for 6th Hokage !!!

    Also while the 2nd is there why not ask him how to take apart the ET jutsu? Im sure he knows a little more about it than Madara lol. And now if its possible for someone sealed in the Death God to be unsealed then how are they going to get rid of Madara? Can't kill him (dead and immortal) Can't un-Edo Tensei him (will just release his spirit and he could be brought back again) Can't seal him in Death God (can just unseal him)... Only thing left is to reseal him into the moon with the juubi or something. Now no one can die forever in the Naruto-verse lol, what a messed up place.

    Loved the chapter either way, I really hope they bring back the Kage's to fight in the war, and I also hope Orochimaru gets away, we need him and his newly found arms in the world causing trouble. I wonder how much stronger he is now with his new arms? Also how is he still "alive" when he needs a host body to inhabit and the transfer ritual? I know he took over Zetsu but he kinda just jumped into him, and he looked pretty normal to me outside of Zetsu too...


    Orochimaru confuses the shit out of me, re-read some older chapters and it seems he split up his consciousness into the seals he put on his men (Harry Potter much?), then pulled out his "consciousness" from Anko and immediately had a real body I guess, then took his chakra back from Kabuto (maybe cells too? making Kabuto normal again perhaps). So What got sealed in the gourd of Itachi? I thought it was his spirit and now hes locked in an infinite Genjutsu? So how many times can Orochimaru split up his spirit/mind/consciouness/whatever? If thats the case then everyone should do it so no one could be "sealed" away forever, just have a bunch of back-up copies of themselves and then ET or something back to life.

    Grrrr Naruto-verse you are rediculous! No rules and anything goes
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