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    Quote Originally Posted by MrFry View Post
    Okay so, what pedro not frowned upon in this manga?
    Oh it does.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCarred Luffy Lvl:Z View Post
    Seriously, no jokes?

    Where are you reading these chapters at? , and are they translated? I only ask Since on mangareaders, and manginn, mangafox, animeshippuden, etc. they're not even at 200 chapters. Don't get how the majority of translators can be that far behind for so long (like 3 years or so).
    No joke.

    The latest scanned chapter is 189 but the complete RAWs are floating around on cyberspace somewhere. I haven't looked at the RAWs because I don't want to ruin it for myself but if I remember correctly the total amount of chapters for KSKM is about 492 or 493, something like that.

    The main group that does it is working from the volumes that came out and not from the low def RAWs that's out there. That's why it takes so long for the chapters to come out. But I did hear the group that does translate KSKM (Deadbeat-scans if you guys want to check them out) said they are trying to do two chapters a week. So if this pace continues barring any difficulties, we could be finish with this by the end of the year. Check their site out though, they scan some other good manga's too.

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    It's Hayama's turn to shine!! hahhahahahhaha One hilarious chapter...

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