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^Not that I'm necessarily saying that Doflamingo couldn't retrieve all of his crew from PH, but would he? We know he's this seemingly heartless character who cannot stand failure associated with his name, and though he's already pardoned Vergo and Monet once, he did state that all failures following that same pardon would not be forgiven--aka another (possible) Bellamy situation. Therefore, what is the likelihood he recovers those four henchmen instead of simply letting them either be captured by Smoker or rest in piece (pieces as for Vergo) on the wasteland that is Punk Hazard? Sure it seems like a ridiculous blow for a Warlord to lose four of his crew, including his right hand man, especially when this character has been one of the more cutthroat pirate-esque characters in the series. On the otherhand, maybe that is simply Oda illustrating how far the "Worst Generation" has come over two years.

I am interested in how Caesar will be handled. Will Smoker play one of his slide of hands against Justice and allow Law and the SHs to "capture" Caesar, or will he make them force his hand. Also, broadcasting Caesar's defeat across teh NW to who knows who, as well as Caesar's substantial bounty may just create enough reason for bounty increases/new wanted posters for the crew, especially considering what sort of "unknown business" they disrupted for the WG.

Lastly, cross, if Doflamingo is half the pirate we all believe he is, he surely wields haki. Thus, Logias shouldn't be any more difficult than applying haki imbued string attacks.
Well does the bellemy example really come in to play here? He was a no nothing weakling, who was not worth the low bounty that he was given. But we are talking about a vice admirl and a logia here. sure we was about to torch them to get ride of law, luffy and smoker. but nnw that there going to be gone does it make sense to waste power like that. I mean i understand the whole fail and die concept. But still, to just kill a vice admiral level guy and a logia user who can still be valuable, just to prove a point. let alone baby 5 and buffalo. what a waste of power you know.

well for the record jinbe does not use haki, But i am not saying that flamingo does not use haki. I'm talking about his power in general and more of the controlling part than the hurting part. from what we saw in his battle with croc we did not use haki on him. You could say he was just not trying. But why not control croc, controlling a logia in battle would be super useful. so why not unless he could not control them do to there fluid and moving bodies. All i mean is he might not be as effective against logias in that regard.