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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    So Kenpachi actually fought her before wow.
    Yea, that was revealed last chapter.

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    zaraki has
    But I hope they both survive.

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    Well, Unohana does seem to pretend that she doesn't know what happened to Zaraki... but is it really her or his doing ? Perhaps, in reality it is a trait of the prison, the "nothingness". Think about it, what would be the point of imprisoning and putting people there, if they were to kill themselves or each other later on ? They have to pay by living there, not dying.

    Her sin might be that Unohana awakened Kenpachi to the trill of fighting and killing. Before he met her, fighting and killing was almost as boring as swinging his sword in the dark. It sounded as if Kenpachi was only pulling out his sword when it was necessary, quickly ending the fights, going through his life without looking for them.

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    Unohana is a healer so Zaraki being brought back seems to be based off her rather than some ability of his own..

    But it would be awesome and if it is true then I can't wait for the speech from Zaraki ~"Yeah you killed me but I told death to fuck off, I'm busy right now"

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    I think Zaraki is weaker since they fought originally. Not necessarily physically, but mentally. On the discussion for last chapter, I said that Zaraki isn't a killer. Well, what if when he fought Unohana the first time he had that killer mentality? I'm guessing it's all connected to their first fight, how he doesn't seem to die from fatal injuries, why he can't communicate with his Zanpakuto, why he has so much raw power despite not having a fully functioning Zanpakuto.

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    You know I just noticed that Zaraki was crying? Zakari crying!? Who thought we would ever see that. Hope we get a great flashback of their first fight next chapter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaiden View Post
    You know I just noticed that Zaraki was crying? Zakari crying!? Who thought we would ever see that. Hope we get a great flashback of their first fight next chapter.
    Nah, he already cried once, when he lost to Ichigo, his Zan didn't wan to respond and he was wishing of becoming stronger.

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    Hooray for fan service! Kubo decided to show us the fight. Now we need one more fan service from Kubo...dont let Unohana die during this training.

    two things:

    1.) Either Unohana already killed Zaraki once during this training and I'm betting she'll kill him a few more times. This would solve Shunsui's prediction


    2.) Unohana's sin was "killing" Zaraki in their first fight. Which she then bought back to life, but death had already made a mark on Zaraki and thats why he's crazy now.

    Either way, I dont want Unohana to die during this training. The chick is just wwwwaaaayyy to awesome. Personally, i think she killed him once during this fight already. He spit blood on her face after she stabbed him. That blood was still there when he woke up. Even Zaraki seemed positive that she just stabbed him in the throat. Unohana is being really tricky right now. which makes me happy!

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    I thought her sin to be one of two things. 1: not killing zaraki and leaving him to become the baddest beast as ever saw or something to do with his memory loss/lack of shikai/bankai
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    I get it now.

    Unohana is fully aware of everything going on. She did stab Kenpachi in the throat, and He died or nearly died.

    She brought him back, or he brought himself back, although Ken is totally unaware of this, but Unohana is aware and she is going to repeat the cycle of "Killing" him and bringing him back/allowing him to bring himself back.

    During their First fight, the TWO of them made a Tacit Pact. Kenpachi will not die from battle wounds, but he'll return stronger (Saiyan Style). For her part, Unohana did something to Kenpachi, something that PROBABLY to allows him to regenerate and return, from dying.

    As someone else mentioned, the blood that splatered on Unohana from his neck stab is still there on Unohana's face, meaning that it actually happened. While, dead/near death with Ken spaced out, Unohana placed his sword back in his hand and continued as though nothing had happened.

    I think she means to repeat this cycle until Kenpachi gets strong enough to defeat her.

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