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    Quote Originally Posted by Daemon Spade View Post
    sooo let me get this straight: We have the following Naruto's

    Regular Naruto

    Kyubi Cloak Naruto 2-4 tails

    Kyubi Naruto 5-9 tails

    Sage Mode Naruto

    Sage Mode + Kyubi mode Naruto (when Nagato stabbed him in the stomach with the rod)

    Rikuduo Naruto (no longer at tug of war)


    NARUTO (able to mesh Kyubi chakra with anyone elses chakra)

    did I miss anything?

    Cool chap. Been waiting for Saskue and co for oh so long. Please let attention be on them next chapter.

    Think of it like this:

    Super Saiyan

    Super Saiyan 2

    Super Saiyan 3

    Super Gogeta

    Super Saiyan 4

    Rumored Super Saiyan 5

    See, now it's okay!

    But seriously, Naruto's power-ups are no bigger than Goku's or Ichigo's. And Ichigo just found out his mom was a Quincy! (Which we already knew.) So it comes as surprise when the JAPANESE MANGA MAIN CHARACTER gets an insane power boost, because, as always, there's a bigger, badder bad guy to beat said hero like a bitch and straight up OWN him. It's the Law of Proportions. Hell, even Spider-Man acknowledged that's how it works with Superheroes in court during the whole Civil War Storyline. When you're the main character in these things, you need the boosts because as you see, when it comes to Madara, He BETTER get all those damn power Boosts! Did you NOT see what the hell he did to Tsunade, Gaara, A, Mei and Oonoki? The Five strongest Ninja from the ENTIRE Shinobi Alliance, and that guy beat the S@&t out of them! He straight F!$ked them up! Naruto needs this or else.......... You fill in the blanks, with the most awful things a Certified Looney Tune like Madara would do to on your best day. Without his power boosts, the Alliance would be dust in the wind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    For sure it ain't no super monster, and yes it's symbolism, but even so, As an actual event it should still have some explanation of what it is, and that is what completely eludes me. I am almost tempted to say that it's stupid?
    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    It was symbolism and a sendoff for Neji. Nothing more, nothing less. An explanation eludes you because there isn't one to be given. It just like how we're treated to a closeup of a snake most of the time when Orochimaru makes appearances.
    It would be only as a symbol if Naruto cut one of the Jyubi's tentacle with his Rasenshuriken while the bird did nothing, but both of them were slashed clean, which would have been impossible for one Rasenshuriken given the range and space between them. Thus, it was indeed the chakra bird that cut both of them. Most likely Naruto somehow extended the cutting effects of his Rasenshurkien throughout the Alliance making the Futon Alliance Eagle Rasengan, seeing as one of the Rasneshurkiens have disappeared the moment the bird was formed.

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    I'd compare it to when Naruto cut the waterfall during his Wind Element training. It's easy to forget that Naruto is technically the most powerful Wind Element user in the Alliance, since all he ever uses are Rasenshuriken / MiniRasenshuriken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    Even people who use the same element have different chakra traits and qualities. This is how sensor types can track people its like their signature. Naruto is able to understand people hearts and can sense everyone's chakra in kyuubi mode.
    The biggest insight we got about the workings of chakra sensor types, is of Karin that could tell people apart by looking at/sensing their Ying to Yang ratio. Then we have Hyuga's that can for example tell the difference between Danzou's and Shisui's chakra inside one body and of Sharingan with it's ability to add color to chakra.

    The geometric blocks do not suggest Ying and Yang ratios, since they have different shapes and sizes, number and etc. No, it rather suggests elements, since there are more than 2 shapes of the blocks.

    Chakra have 2 types of traits: elemental and the ratio of Yin & Yang (or if someone prefer Spiritual Energy and Physical Energy ratio (those strongly infused with spiritual tends to have higher quality, while those by physical have greater quantity), or if you prefer Life Energy and Soul Energy).

    Of course, there are cases where Natural Energy is infused into it, but that's rare.

    So, basically it comes down to what type of traits Naruto have molded the chakra (yep, it was Naruto that molded it) that matched theirs, elemental, or Ying to Yang ratio, or perhaps both.

    The fact that everyone could tell that it was Naruto's chakra (even Sasuke's gang while being in Konoha), suggests that the chakra that Naruto gave them, had his characteristic of being strongly influenced by Life Energy, which means that what Naruto have matched is not Yin to Yang ratio, but in fact their elements.

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    Personally, when I read that Naruto matched the various Alliance members' "chakra types", I took "type" to mean all the intangible things that sensor types typically notice to distinguish one person's chakra from another. I don't think type refers to qualities like elemental affinity or Yin/Yang, but rather to things like "warm, cold", or perhaps to color, or to a "frequency" of some sort that makes a particular person's chakra distinct. And it's not as if Naruto is replicating their chakra types, but rather matching his to suit theirs. For instance, I don't think that Naruto could alter his chakra in this manner to make it read (to sensor types) as Sakura's or Kakashi's, even if he can meld his chakra to combine with either of theirs. Thus, it's not as if by changing his chakra type to pair with Kakashi's, Naruto will somehow unlock Lightning/Earth element jutsu, or emphasize Yin more strongly.

    I don't think there's anything big to take from this; Naruto's chakra hasn't changed, he just has inhuman levels of control over it. Of course, if he starts using new elemental jutsu next chapter, I'll eat my words.

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    pein was the only person to weild all 5 elements since madara (assumed) and so6p.

    when jaraya was training yahiko's team as kids; nagato blacked out and used rinnegan to protect yahiko by killing the attackers. as nagato was tearfully telling jaraya of the incident jaraya marvelled that he was staring at the rinnegan and inwardly marvelled moreso that he commanded all 5 elements, something he remarked as impossible save for the so6p. he educatedly guessed it was because of the rinnegan.

    if you believe that in rare instances that ninjas can be born with all 5 elements then so be it. otherwise, nagato gained the elemental mastery because of the rinnegan and naruto is unable to mold 5 elements and chakra "types" are nothing to do with elements in the case of naruto converting and distributing chakra.

    if naruto was indeed making chakra of all elements the surely the kyubi would have said it specifically as well as the shinobi getting the chakra. the kyubi was reminiscing and rubbing naruto's accomplishments in his parent's face, weilding 5 elements would have been at or near the top of the list! not simply downplayed as "types"

    i think madara and obiti couldn't move initially since they were connected to the jyubi with mokutin and effectively extensions of its body, thus vulnerable to thr bindings. once severed the were no longer fused to the subject of the shadow binding.
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    The one thing I will admit is that when the Edo Kages were travelling towards Gaara's division, they commented that they could feel "chakra types" from all the different villages gathered together. I'd say the use of "chakra type" in that instance does imply things like elemental affinity, but that's probably not the same definition we should apply to Naruto matching Alliance members' "chakra type" in 617.

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    If I had to guess what's going to happen from this point, it'll be that the Jyuubi starts to go wild, forcing Madara and Obito to stop toying with the army and to get their plan started. Only, when Madara releases his Edo Tensei, Obito will decide to not resurrect him.

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    A few chapters ago, some of us here were wondering how does the chakra transfer work, and if it's unique to Kurama. Or can Hachibi and the lot perform it aswell.

    I think that this chapter, answers all those questions marvelously. Giving chakra to someone is not what seem's to be the problem, as any relevant shinobi can control their chakra output. What's tricky, is modyfing your own chakra so that it matches that of whoever is the target of the transfer.

    When i think of it like this, the best comparison i can draw is to blood types and blood transfer. What Naruto can do, is have his clone's match everyone's "blood type", changing it on the fly as they jump from person to person. Screw this process up, and the body of the person will reject the "transfusion", wich will show as them getting hurt from the chakra. In other word's, I belive that the process of physicaly handing out chakra, is not what's difficult, but matching everyone's chakra type is the problem.

    Naruto probably has the abilty from his Uzumaki lineage. And Minato likely learned this from Kushina himself. Hence Kurama's reference, wich seem's to imply that this abilty has little to do with Kurama himself. But of course, wouldn't be possible if he didn't become friendly with Naruto in the firstplace.

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    @ Yellowcardus,

    It does seem to me that the First transfer of Chakra to Kakashi was done by the Fox himself, well he could have been using Naruto's Chakra system to do it, but the fact is that Naruto was unaware of the transfer until Kurama told him what he had done.

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