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sooo let me get this straight: We have the following Naruto's

Regular Naruto

Kyubi Cloak Naruto 2-4 tails

Kyubi Naruto 5-9 tails

Sage Mode Naruto

Sage Mode + Kyubi mode Naruto (when Nagato stabbed him in the stomach with the rod)

Rikuduo Naruto (no longer at tug of war)


NARUTO (able to mesh Kyubi chakra with anyone elses chakra)

did I miss anything?

Cool chap. Been waiting for Saskue and co for oh so long. Please let attention be on them next chapter.

Think of it like this:

Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan 2

Super Saiyan 3

Super Gogeta

Super Saiyan 4

Rumored Super Saiyan 5

See, now it's okay!

But seriously, Naruto's power-ups are no bigger than Goku's or Ichigo's. And Ichigo just found out his mom was a Quincy! (Which we already knew.) So it comes as surprise when the JAPANESE MANGA MAIN CHARACTER gets an insane power boost, because, as always, there's a bigger, badder bad guy to beat said hero like a bitch and straight up OWN him. It's the Law of Proportions. Hell, even Spider-Man acknowledged that's how it works with Superheroes in court during the whole Civil War Storyline. When you're the main character in these things, you need the boosts because as you see, when it comes to Madara, He BETTER get all those damn power Boosts! Did you NOT see what the hell he did to Tsunade, Gaara, A, Mei and Oonoki? The Five strongest Ninja from the ENTIRE Shinobi Alliance, and that guy beat the S@&t out of them! He straight F!$ked them up! Naruto needs this or else.......... You fill in the blanks, with the most awful things a Certified Looney Tune like Madara would do to on your best day. Without his power boosts, the Alliance would be dust in the wind.