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No, nothing about elements was even mentioned. Only that he converted the Kyuubi's chakra in such a way that everyone could use it. This has no bearing on elements as it's still up to the individual to manipulate the chakra to their element.
Are you sure ? Kyubi says (http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/16372516/8) that Naruto was able to match everyone's unique individual traits, and the only chakra traits that a chakra has, of what we know, are elemental affinity and yin and yang ratio. If he matched their traits trough chakra, doesn't that mean that he matched their elemental affinity then ?

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LOL! They all Jump into the shape of an Eagle with outstretched wings, and even Sliced through some Juubi arms. I'm all for symbolism, but not so for hype.
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The bird thing was silly (in fact, really stupid, in my opinion). I'm going on limb and saying it actually was capable of flight, not merely jumping; no clue how it had the power to cut the Juubi's arms. I'm going with the possibility that Naruto was in control of that, and the Shinobi Alliance were all linked temporarily within Naruto's chakra similar to when Kakashi/Guy were kept within his Bijuu Mode. Who knows, maybe some Wind Element was at work, given Naruto's own chakra nature and all.
One of the Futon: Rasenshurikens is what gave the eagle the cutting power. It's workings had to be somewhat spread out through the bird, making an Futon Alliance Eagle Rasengan (he still used Rasengan to start it all ).

The Sage Mode Futon Rasenshurkien was technically sliding on natural energy as if it was flying, but the eagle wasn't used in sage mode, so I guess the wind element in the Rasenshuriken might have given them an additional boost, beside that given by Kurama X Naruto's chakra.