This was easily the best chapter for a while. The part where Madara and Obito's connection to the Juubi was severed reminded me of Minato and Hashirama's battles where they severed the bond between the Kyuubi and the Uchiha controlling it. Freeing the Juubi from their control might free them up to attack with their own jutsu. However I'm inclined to think that the Juubi will attack everyone, meaning Madara and Obito will have some difficulty attacking the powered up shinobi alliance while having to watch out for the Juubi. In theory the alliance has a chance of victory if Madara can be sealed and Obito neutralised or killed while Naruto and Bee somehow stop the Juubi (with the nine names somehow). Thus setting the stage for Sasuke and the mysterious power up that he's chasing. I hope Kishi reveals more of what Sasuke is up to in the next chapter.