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    Naruto 617 Discussion / 618 Predictions

    Chapter 617: "Dance of the Ninjas 2" :


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    Lee Shine = WIN!

    Now we know Shukaku's plan--Swarm! Just like a bunch of flies.

    Fuck you, Madara! What, no snappy comeback while you're (literally) getting your ass kicked?!

    5/5 types of badass!


    Proud (and confused) subscriber of Shonen Jump Alpha.

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    Senior Member Temperjoke's Avatar
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    Gotta admit, this was one of the best chapters we've had in a while!

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    Hee Hee Hee XD aggeroff's Avatar
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    where there is food
    Even Akamaru has kyuubi Chakra XD, that's a bit much.
    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    Ergh ok boring part over time to go back to what sasuke n oro is up been waiting for this since Neji died.

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    Shiniobi of the Kage Clan odramek's Avatar
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    it they just turned into a chakra bird?

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    two important questions i hope the ppl here can answer for me...

    1) are madara and obito both separated from the 10 tails? it looks like naruto used a variation of the shadow shuriken he used with sasuke against zabuza a long time ago. he outsmarted both obito and madara within the same move. he pretended to be attacking them and so too did they belueve they were his target but actually he was targeting the mokuton bindings linking them to the 10 tails and lee was extra insurance to make sute it worked. THIS IS THE CLEVER NARUTO I KNEW EXISTED BUT KISHI HID HIM FROM US UNTIL NOW! naruto was never truly an idiot, he is quite smart and not too shabby with on the fly battle techniques when analyzing his situation. again, i repeat, naruto faked out both obito and madara with the same move and forced them to relinquish control of juubi.

    2) the revelation that the chakra transference naruto used with kyubi chakra to the shinobi alluance is at its base, the same as minato used to put both his and kushina's chakra into naruto... does that mean that every shinibi who received the narufox chakra will experience naruto's personal will or thoughts? will they have naruto in their minds on some level?

    anything could have been transmitted with that chakra such as everyone learning the nine names of the bijuu.
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    Progress! YAY! 5/5 !!!

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    Yesss... Rlinfamous's Avatar
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    I agree with Temperjoke, this was definitely one of the best in a while. Imo, the best since 609/610.

    At least we understand Naruto's chakra delivery method a little better... and the fact that it's linked to his unique body (in terms of bloodline and time spent as a Jinchuuriki) makes it seem a little more justifiable.

    The chakra bird formation was a little overdone, but then again based on some of the recent anime intros, we knew that Shinobi are excellent at synchronised dancing. That said, this chapter should have been titled "Dance of the Shinobi", not the last one.

    Too bad it was Hinata who fixed Naruto's shoulder... it honestly wasn't a big deal, but I'd have liked to either see Sakura do it, or see his Kyuubi/Uzumaki chakra heal him (one of the two).

    It seems a little unbelievable that Madara/Obito couldn't escape from the shadow binding... Obito demonstrated the ability to use his Mangekyou for a Kamui while frozen in place; why couldn't Madara use Susano'o / his Rinnegan for something? I'm sure they've got more up their sleeve, and Kishi needed a way for Naruto to sever their bond with the Juubi (juxtaposed with his own talk about keeping his bonds close to him). I'm just going to let it go for now and pretend I'm proud of Rock Lee for landing a blow on Madara.

    Big stuff next chapter with Sasuke and Co, probably... plus the Juubi is now free, for the moment. Things are really starting to heat up!

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    That was kind of lame, there wasn't really any strategy to what they did and as usual Naruto is just regurgitating the same cheesy crap about not giving up and getting another convenient power boost. Apparently there is no limit to how much chakra Naruto can absorb now because every time he seems to be down he almost immediately gets another power boost. I hope this plan amounts to more than just a head on Kyuubi powered charge. In terms of power the Juubi should be miles ahead of the Kyuubi so I have to assume there is something more than just boosting everyone's existing powers.

    It seems that they were able to break Madara and Obito's connection to the Juubi but I am not sure if that will help them or not since the Juubi might be just as inclined to continue attacking them. With their connection to the Juubi severed Madara and Obito may also be even more dangerous because the battle could now be a three way war if the Juubi is free. Madara alone should be more than a match for the full power of the Kyuubi with his Wood dragon and the Ultimate Susanoo.

    I am curious as to where Sasuke is and what it is that Orochimaru knows about that could change the entire course of the war. It appears that they are at a destroyed village. I am guessing that it is the former Uchiha village since Orochimaru said it is a place that Sasuke has been before. My guess is that the secret has something to do with the origin of the bloodlines. I still feel that the story of the Original Sage is incomplete, something about it still doesn't add up. Orochimaru dedicated his life to studying rare bloodlines and he even attempted things with bloodlines that Madara had not. During his research Madara must have discovered more about the connection between the Juubi, the Sage, and the bloodlines. The question is what could he know that could be used to change the current events so dramatically. Obito said before that Sasuke was the most important part of his plan and he has made every effort to enhance Sasuke's ocular abilities. Orochimaru also coveted Sasuke's eyes above all else. When Suigetsu and Juugo found Orochimaru's scrolls they immediately went to Sasuke because they believed he would be able to use them to change everything. We also know that Orochimaru was doing experiments with Danzo to combine the powers of the Uchiha and the Senju. Danzo's attempt to combine the powers himself was flawed but he implied that Kabuto would likely know how to fix the problem. Since Kabuto got most of his knowledge from Orochimaru I am willing to bet that Orochimaru had devised a way to combine the bloodlines more effectively. I think the scrolls outline Orochimaru's blueprints on how to perfectly merge the bloodlines. Since Sasuke is now the epitome of Uchiha power he is likely the idea host for joining the bloodlines. This explains why Orochimaru wanted to wait for Sasuke to grow up more before possessing him.

    This also explains why Orochimaru joined Akatsuki to begin with and also gives more of a reason for why he left. Orochimaru was likely looking for the ideal Uchiha not just to obtain the sharingan but as someone who he could join the bloodlines within. At the time Itachi seemed like the perfect candidate. Kabuto implied that Orochimaru knew that Tobi was not Madara and Orochimaru also probably knew that if he could get Itachi's body, with what he knew he could easily defeat Tobi and take control of Akatsuki. When Orochimaru lost to Itachi though he also quite likely raised Tobi's suspicions of him. So he lost his ideal test subject and also revealed his treachery towards Akatsuki as a whole.

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