So...Translations--Pretty big discrepancy:

MangaPanda has Buffalo saying "I'll definitely clear a mission from the Donquixote family". It implies that "Donquixote" is more than just Doflamingo--it seems to indicate an elite house, or clan, or whatever. Kinda explains why everyone is tripping balls to follow Joker's orders. And it lends credence to the "Doflamingo is [insert relation] of a Tenryuubito" theories.

MangaStream has Buffalo saying "...We of the Donquixote family always...". This implies something completely different: Either Buffalo is Buffalo Donquixote, Joker's third cousin. Or Dofla refers to his crew as a family, just like Whitebeard (doubtful). Of course, this also goes on to mean that the Donquixote name is not as elite as we may have once thought (it does include a self-propelled jackass with chipmunk teeth, after all).

I wonder which Xlation was right.

Sorry for double post. This was not related to my last comments.