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    I honestly don't think the kages getting the powerup would change much if they confront Madara again. The guy isn't all talk. He has yet to put all of his effort into a battle so far because I honestly believe the only ninjas in all of history that could truly prove a challenge to him in this state are, Naruto after his next powerup, Izuna, Hashirama, and the Sage himself.

    I predict that Sasuke will get final susanoo somehow, to be able to compete with Naruto's bijuu mode, and quite possibly the rinnegan at some point ( even though I really want it for Naruto, despite what people say. I want some elemental rasengan's like Jiraiya's Great Flame Rasengan lol .

    I'm still waiting for Naruto to get FTG and put his own unique spin on it. Tsunade said once a while ago, that they'd leave FTG for "him" which I'm positive referred to Naruto.

    I also wonder what will happen if Naruto passes Kyuubi chakra to Sasuke.
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