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    Naruto 616 Discussion / 617 Predictions

    Chapter 616: "Dance of the Ninjas" :


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    So very epic. Worth the wait

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    Wow Naruto is sharing his chakra with Hinata and some of the others

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    Its what I expected with Shika-Ino-Choji trio getting Kyuubi chakra but I never imagined him handing power ups to the a chunk of the army that was even better.

    The kyuubi modified his chakra to make it easier for everyone to handle.

    I think KB will play an important role in the next chapter.

    What are Sasuke & Oro doing in the leaf.... the man who knows everything is in the leaf or simply nearby.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    Naruto's rebuttal send shivers to my body...

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    Still think Neji's death was kinda redundant but well we will move on...I think its kinda sad how only Ino n Shikamaru lost their fathers Chouji should too haha! Oops that was mean but anyway I need to see more Kakashi vs Obito action

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    where there is food
    though the cloaks aren't even one tail that's still a nice help. Lets hope they use the extra Chakra well.
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    I wonder if he handed power to Kakashi.....

    Also, can a powered up ino actually control the Juubi, bare in mind that Obito and Madara are physically linked to the Kyuubi. Another thought is what Ino might discover/find out inside the Juubi's mind, depending on how Kishimoto plays it, she could:-

    1) Undermine the connection of the Tailed beasts that were absorbed, and maybe even liberate them.

    2) If there's a chance that Yamato is inside the Juubi...well....

    2) Freeze it in place for some other Jutsu, like Kakashi warping Madara away while Naruto and others attack Obito.

    3) Warp away the Juubi's head (I don't know if that would ever work, but this is WAR, and you gotta try everything you can.

    @ The Bulk

    I am still crying painfull tears of blood for poor Neji crying.jpg
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    didn't like losing niji at all

    but the picture of him lying dead on Naruto's shoulder made me think that he looked allot like sasuke O_O

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    Well, boosted-Ino was able to re-direct his attack, and then left when the boosted-Nara clan used their shadow-binding technique to lock the Jyuubi in place. Of course, they still need to attack Madara and Obito, and then deal with the consequences of the Jyuubi being unfettered.

    What boggles my mind is the sheer volume of chakra that Naruto is pumping out, if people who aren't even sensors can feel it that far away!

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