Ohhh 2 weeks an no Naruto/Bleach.....

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Source: Mangahelpers

Looks legit but not confirmed yet.

Source: bleachasylum

Credits: Kaze, czeliate

Quote Quote:
本周有彩页 是一护和恋次
另一方面 在静灵庭的中央监狱最底层
花姐和剑八打起来了 应该就是之前说的 让花姐教授剑八的事情吧
原来花姐头发绑在胸前的原因是 她脖子正下方有个大伤疤
Quote Quote:
Color page is Ichigo and Renji (bingo!)
Nimaiya is training Ichigo and Renji's light hitting
On the other hand in the lowest central prison of Sereitei
Unohana and Kenpachi fights each other, I think it has been said before, the case where Unohana will teach Kenpachi.
Unohana untie her braid, she has completely turned into another person~
The reason Unohana ties her hair to the front of her chest is because there's a big scar just below her neck

the end