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    ToA 4koma translation help

    While browsing the internet (if that's the right word) and I came across some scans for a Tales of the Abyss 4koma. I was like "DOOOD!!! Must download" Then, of course after I downloaded it, I realized I can't read Japenese. So, I decided to share this with you guys. This is a decent quality scan IMO so hopefully someone could share with me (and anyone else) the scanlation of this. BTW, if you haven't played this, or any of the other games in the Tales series by Namco, give it a rental. Is way fun, especially when you play with your friends.

    It's more than 100 pages (which is like around 200 individual 4komas) in 63 files.
    I'll do whatever I can to help (although I have no experience with scanlation at all).

    Anyways, here is the MU link: hxxp://
    Replace the x's with t's to make it valid, I don't remember the rules on linking, so I'm covering my bases

    Thanks much, everyone!

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    Wow, you didn't know you can't read japense until you downloaded it!?
    Just kidding

    I don't know if it's the same 'Tales of Abyss' manga, but there's a group scanlating it: Wings of an Angel.

    Hope it helps :S

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    Yea i Know, I was hoping I could infer the jokes
    Anyways, at the very least I'll let WoA know about the raw, but it seems there is only one person scanlating it. Hopefully I'll be able to help, but as far as translating im at a lost :(

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    You can always suggest the manga in the translators area of Mangahelpers, there are translators who check it and if they like it, they'll do it!

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