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    Quote Originally Posted by bankai View Post
    Am I senior member?
    You probably are, Why don't you check? Just reset your title.
    Aggravate, Anger, and Piss off

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    The Administration has placed several anti-spam devices in place to try an limit spam. Posting is always going to be tough, but the 'senior member' title is tied to try and limit thread creation (along with 2 other measures). The title 'senior member' doesn't really mean anything and can be changed, but on the server side it is important for security issues. We are glad to see support and hope that it limits the thread spamming for the time being. Stay diligent, be patient, and we can work as a community to try and limit the spam.

    Happy New Year,
    The Management

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    Thanks Franky,

    Serious Hats off to you and The Crew for a job well done. We are all Looking forward to many more years of success and Fun here with Mangashare.

    I am not perfect and I defy you to prove otherwise
    Growing Old Gracefully is an Oxymoron ... Mostly Moron !

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    I was spamming before spamming was cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    I was spamming before spamming was cool.
    Ahahaha, the OG troll! Welcome back HB

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