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    Quote Originally Posted by Majere View Post
    That wouldn't make much sense, it was "said" that, Kushina was chosen to be the Kyuubi's host, due to her special chakra, witch could restrain the Kyuubi more easily than anyone else.

    Her loosing control over the kyuubi is somewhat off of what we have read, also, how would she "regain" control ? Naruto always had Jiraya's seal (witch he handed to Kakashi) and Yamato with his mokuton to repress the Kyuubi's chakra and allow Naruto to quit bijuu mode, Kushina had none of that.

    If kushina by any chance would lose control, in her time has Jinchuriki, would be only when the seal would lose it's power over the years and wouldn't be redone.
    Naruto transformations, only occur, because Minato intentionally did the seal to allow a small quantity of Kurama's chakra to mix with Naruto's own, so the "hole" in the seal was always there, i don't think that all bijuu's were sealed in their host with the exact same though, so they would only go "wild" when a village intentionally would want the seal to lose it's power in an attempted to gain control over the bijuu (like we see in Bee's past), but in the process the host dies if the bijuu gains the "though of war".
    good points but i would like to argue that if kushina ever truly did lose control then it would be dealt with at an earlier stage in the transformation, as in long before the bijuu completely emerges. minato with sealing techniques would most likely be the first method.

    it's also good not to forget that kushina could have, for any intentional reason, gone into any stage of tailed beast mode and allowed kyubi to use its power (beast bomb). it's likely minato would be close. what is almost certain is that any beast bomb minato would have witnessed from the kyubi would not be in the context or scenario of an attack on konaha or else it would have been something mentioned already. maybe minato and kushina fought side by side and used the kyubi's power a bit. they could have even been battling another beast or jinchuuriki.
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    Yea, if Jiraya and Orochimaru could change, redo the seal, then Sandaime and Yondaime could've done so as well (Minato even did it once for Naruto)
    Kushina having special chakra to contain the Kyuubii doesn't actually mean she never lost control, just that it wouldn't happen as easily as with another host.

    And I don't think that the host losing control is always intended by the village. First of all, most jinchuuriki have weaker seals than Naruto (because only the Uzumaki clan and Minato knew the stromgest seals) with Bee maybe having the second strongest. The "hole" in the seal only allowed merge Naruto and Kyuubiis Chakra over time, because Minato knew that he would need it.

    Maybe it's even the reason Naruto could transform at will at the beginning of the time skip, but it doesn't have anything to do with the Kyuubii itself taking over Naruto now and then. It has been established that the Bijuu can overtake their host more easily when they are filled with hatred (therefore Naruto always automatically transformed when he got really angry, whether he wanted or not), so it's not too far fetched to believe Kushina was overtaken by anger at least once.

    Besides, the people of Konoha (Jiraya, Yondaime, Yamato etc) seemed to know too much about Kyuubii and how to seal and stop it in the first place. How should Jiraya have known to stop Naruto's transformations if neither Kushina, nore Shodaime's wife (who had the same chakra as Kushina) lost control? The last person to actually see the Kyuubii, or a jinchuuriki transformation of it, would have been long dead by the current generation. (I guess shodaime hokage)

    I believe that every host must have lost control of his Bijuu every once in a while, maybe with the exception of Rikuudo Sennin.

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