Famous, I certainly hope that The SO6P's "True Power" portends a little more than the Will Of Fire. The neccessity for this is Starkly displayed in the battle of the 5 Kages Versus Uchiha Madara.

Tsunade brought out her Will Of Fire in Spades, and we saw how strong she was, and how her determination to protect every one brought out her best effort. In the end Her Will of Fire was emptiness next to Madara's Power.

In my previous post, I asserted that someone who is Truly Powerful does not need to Sacrifice His Life in order to save everyone, and if he did sacrifice his life, he would merely resurrect himself later (now that would be real power).

The weak on the other hand may not have the option to Win while still remaining alive and well, to enjoy the ensuing peace and happiness that are the fruits of his victory.

Naruto desire is to be The Greatest Hokage Ever. It would be shameful and empty for him to be Hokage for 5 mins before dying, or to leave Hinata with nothing but tears and memories. I am therefore saying that the SO6P's True Power would ring more than somewhat hollow if it were not backed up with Truly Powerful Force, sufficient to win Victory while also remaining alive to celebrate the fruits of victory.

Anyways, I do not like tragedies (never liked Shakespeare), and Manga for me is an escape from more than my fair share of life's annoyances, just give me my Happily Ever After Fantasy please.