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    I wonder if Obito noticed and will target Hinata. If he succeeds, I wonder how Naruto would react.

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    Wait a second.... HAHAHAHA XD, It's Hinata's Birthday today (December 27th). I think she's got her present XP.
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    - Hidden moral of the chapter is people don't die with death only when they are forgotten. They live on through the virtues & deeds of those who remember them ie " The will of fire is passed on"

    - KB made it swallow its own Bijuu bomb that should have damaged it good.

    - Naruto & Hinata the deal has been sealed !

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    And THAT is why I always preferred Hinata to that useless girl Sakura is.
    She's got guts! She stood up to Pain to protect naruto...she was ready to protect the guy she loves with her own body and she found a response to Obito's provocations where even the protagonist himself, the talk-no-jutsu Naruto, couldn't say anything. And now they're holding to me NaruHina has become canon, all the way!

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    Yeah, this chapter is a pretty big victory for NaruHina... I think it was pretty well established long ago, though!

    It's crazy how Hinata suddenly came forth with all this wisdom. It was always established she had a lot of courage, but now that I think about it she has always had a lot of really deep insights, particularly into Naruto's character. Although the last time I can remember her being this insightful was probably directly before Naruto's match against Neji.

    Poor Obito... no matter how much he tries to force Naruto into the same darkness as himself, Naruto comes out way ahead. I wonder how things might have been different if it was Hinata who died, not Neji. Could anyone have offered up such a counter argument to Obito (obviously it's not hard for readers to see why Obito's views are wrong, but everyone in the Narutoverse seemed to be at a loss). As it stands, Naruto still has a girl who loves him by his side, as opposed to Obito, who's one-sided crush was slain in front of him.

    Kakashi is starting to really see the depths of Obito's suffering. He can probably see better than anyone exactly where Obito is coming from when he says all these things.

    Random observation, but it is now pretty well-established that every Bijuu can expand into a perfect ball formation.

    Anyway, things are finally about to get real in the battle with the Juubi... the last few chapters have been good for character development / giving others a chance in the spotlight while Naruto is finally given a chance to rest, but now it's time to let Naruto take control again so things can move forward.

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    It's good to see the 8 & 9 tails can strike because it's hard to fathom Shikaku's plan working without their power. I hope the blow that the Hachibi landed sets this battle up for a turn around next chapter. It was kinda funny how Obito bragged that the juubi's skin is tough enough and then Bee successfully attacks it's insides.

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    For starters YES! its about damn time.

    Secondly, if Hinata didn't make it clear she is in fact the next leader of the Hyuuga clan today, then I don't know what she has to do.

    3rdly, happy b-day Ms. Hyuuga. you got your ultimate wish
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    Hope Choji dies next. more casualties plox

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    Proud (and confused) subscriber of Shonen Jump Alpha.

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    @sirxxx, agreed "FUCK YOU, SAKURA-CHAN!!!"

    at the end of the manga, I hope Naruto and Bee stay good friends. Naruto's been through more with Bee than he has with any of the rookie 7. The exception being Gara, whom he went on an adventure to save, and ended up helping to bring him back to life. They should be friends for life just based off that alone.

    Why did Obito wrap the Jyubii in mukuton? Was it to steady the aim? Or to protect it from the point blank blast?

    Bee went staright Kamikaze on that ass. Glad he survived.

    Anybody else think it was hilarious when the Jyubi chomped down on the 8-tails head?

    Naruto/Hinata for the win!

    Edit: When I saw the page with Bee riding on the bird, I orginally thought "Yes!!! Saskue's back". Then I realized it wasnt him....where's Saskue and my favorite original villian? Can we please see them soon?

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