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    1) Kurama is going to give "The Three Clans" enough chakra to stop the 10 tails for the alliance to aim for Madari/Obito.
    2) 10 tails is free from the evil duo's control and now Obito is forced to revive Madara in order to achieve his/their dream.
    3) Alliance is now going vs a tougher opponent.
    4) Something to do with Sasuke.

    After that I have no idea what might happen.

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    Sex on Fire Flare Blitz's Avatar
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    I did not expect for the young generation to die...
    Honestly, I hope this wil stop at neji's death, since hinata is kinda needed for the future of the byakugan-clan as the others are for their respective clans which represent konoha.
    Still a very sad turn of events, but his sacrifice did save hinata and naruto, who is they key to win this war.

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    RIP Neji, you were a good character.

    I predict this will signal a downturn and more people will die, then we will go to see the Kages and the shape they are in and witness Tsunade, Oonki and perhaps A's death. Then go to Sasuke (a semi neutral story line) before we go back to repowered Naruto/Kurama and the Alliance giving it all and performing the big closing move.
    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    Anyway, it was quite interesting that Madara is far from freely controlling Rinnegan's gravitational powers (like Nagato and So6p did). It seems that he can only pull out that meteor when he himself is acting as a magnet to it. He can't control were does it land beyond somewhere near him. Thus the Obito's comment (I'm assuming that Obito cannot use his space-time ninjutsu, because it would sever the link with the Jyubi, after which, while Madara doing the self-destruct jutsu, no one would control it anymore).

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    RIP Neji, a most unexpected sacrifice.
    The alliance and Naruto better come up with something awesome. If their best effort at executing shikaku's plan gets
    brushed aside like it was nothing Imma gonna be really pissed off.

    I loved that exchange between Obito and Madara. Obito essentially said "Madara, you iz my bitch, yo".

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    - The next transformation Madara mentioned is probably the strategy they are aiming around. To use that time to target Madara & Obito.

    - Just as I expected Madara needs to be alive to become a jinchuuriki

    - Obito must have other plans that's why he wanted Sasuke as pawn so he wouldn't have to die.

    - Relevant characters are starting to die..... Neji R.I.P.

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    I like how Obito's attitude toward Madara is exactly the same as Sasuke's attitude toward Obito. "Since when did we become allies?"

    This chapter felt a lot stronger than the previous two... I just haven't gotten into the whole "Shinobi Alliance Jutsu", since it's pretty obvious none of them have the power to do anything relevant, even if the Juubi wasn't in the picture and it was just Madara alone. Any progress towards seeing Naruto kick ass again instead of looking weaker and more confused than the rest of his classmates is good progress.

    To me, the most interesting parts of the past two chapters have been the Obito/Madara scenes... I like both villains, and their dynamic is fun. Madara loved playing with the new Juubi, but the ADD he's infamous for has kicked in and he wants to get things done. On the other hand, Obito has always wanted to start right away, but now wants to teach the alliance a lesson (as if to prove something to himself by seeing his experiences recreated in Naruto). Madara is definitely giving Obito a look that says "Do you even *want* to complete the plan?", and I'm starting to wonder when/how Obito's plans will be revealed, considering he was always ready to move ahead with things, regardless of Madara's absence. Madara still doesn't even know about Sasuke; I hope the two can meet.

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    This chapter finally answered why tobi wanted sasuke. If sasuke synchronized with the gedo mazou prior to summoning the ten tails then sasuke would be on better footing to become the juubi's jinchuuriki. Obito doesn't want to die, after recognizing sasuke 's potential he totally changed gears in going about the infinite tsukiyomi plan. Sasuke eliminated all need and reliance on madara. Its why he pushed sasuke closer to awakening rinnegan while simultaneously attempting to create the opportunity for him to synchronize with the mazou, he was just too short on time in the end.

    If kabuto somehow knew of the plan and figured obito's chagrin over the presence of madara then i say the summoning of madara might be the most genius move in all the war! It makes you wonder the recon and intelligence gathering potential within the sage arts. Kabuto might just be out if this world awesome.

    Wish kishi revisited the old byakugan tease and showcased something grander from the hyuga's byakugan or chakra dispersal. Felt the sendoff didn't do byakugan or neji himself justice :/
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    Senior Member kiduka's Avatar
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    So why doesn't Obito be the Juubi Jinchuuriki instead?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiduka View Post
    So why doesn't Obito be the Juubi Jinchuuriki instead?
    Most likely because they are not So6p or an Uzumaki (?), who can seal it in himself without anyone's help. They probably need help in sealing it (it's a creature with an infinite amount of power after all), or at least someone needs to keep it in control, so that it won't go berserk in the middle of the sealing process (this means that they are unable to become it's jinchuriki, without the other's cooperation).

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