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No one ever sayed that he will be at admirals level gonne be only at the end but he will be at smoker - vice-admiral level but taken on an admiral or yonkou is only at the end of the manga mayby defend and run away from admiral but no win i tink
Why not? It's not like they are the strongest force in the marines either so they don't really fit as guys who have enough strength to be considered the ultimate level to reach.

Plus marine admirals aren't on the same level as Yonkou, not those we know anyway, Whitebeard was declared as the strongest man on the world and Shanks ended a war with his mere presence.

All luffy really needs is to learn how to control his haki, he already has fighting power and skill beyond amazing for someone who doesn't have haki, main problem is he just can't hit them being logia users and considering he has king's haki, Luffy will get a serious boost to his destructive power, and speed perhaps as well cause low speed was a problem agaisnt kizaru.

In other words, the day luffy can control his haki perfectly, he will go from admiral level to demi god level xD much like Garp or Whitebeard and Shanks.