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Something don't add up, why did the 1st Kenpachi get a pass? Was it because she took another position? Did the second & Third Kenpachi's change tradition for spite? Because I'd think that if your strongest warrior/captain went to become some kind of care-bear, your squad would be more 'moderate', not these "kill now or kill later" type thugs. Maybe that is why the 11th squad does not like the medical squad, they feel shame but can't express it to their ex-captain. Maybe the 11th rule of "to the death" was so that the squad does not get 10+ captain-class blood thirsty monsters (the captain and ex-captains/ex-challengers).

I just don't get the tradition now that we have more insight.

Well the bold now that you mention it seems the most plausible. They were practically giving off fear of both of Unohana, and Kenpachi. Wouldn't be surprised if to counter her possible power, they gave the ultimatum To Unohana, leave SS or do something that reduces your power.

Think this kind of brings Kenpachi's eyepatch into a whole new light! He says he asked for it and no doubt he did, but just imagine behind the scenes they were possibly preparing that and more as a just in case.

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I must say that even though this was a very good chapter I'm absolutely HATING that Unohana didn't become the new CC, despite her being superior to Shunsui in age, experience and overall skills. It's probably because she's a woman, and that's just so fucking...Japanese.

Hear ye, mate! ^^

Wouldn't be so sure on the underlined. There's many possible reasons that would encourage explaining in later 'flashback' chapters, and possibly derived situations, which might seem the path Tite Kubo might want to go.

For 1 example If they're afraid of Zaraki then they also probably feared the 1st Kenpachi, even possibly now, so why give her total absolute power just about that easily. For another example, Unohana's been healing for a while, maybe they think she's no longer at that level worthy( they being the central 46).