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    Interesting, With this The Gotei 13 Stands a chance. Makes you wonder why Yamamoto told Unohana not to fight. Is she too powerful to fight in the presence of others?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aggeroff View Post
    Interesting, With this The Gotei 13 Stand a chance. makes you wonder why Yamamoto told Unohana not to fight. Is she too powerful to fight in the presence of others?
    Its probably because yamamoto knows how dangerous the quincy is... he can't afford to loose the medical division because the VR would target the lower seated ones and also probably because in case he died.... unohana is one of the trump card than he can't afford to loose if he gets defeated..... plus her history with zaraki kenpachi......she might be the only one who could pull out his true power seeing as she is the first kenpachi......or it could be a more deeper reason that we thought

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    So, did Kubo just confirm, in another way (again?), that the reason why Orihime was abducted, was to stop Kenpachi (perhaps she reminds him of a younger Unohana ) ? Thus the reason why he didn't await to confront the strengthened Ichigo in HM, was because of Kenpachi's presence in HM ?

    How the heck old is Kenpachi ? IIRC Unohana was taking care of him at one point before joining gotei, right ? Damn, I just don't know anymore . Now I need to check the older chapters with Kenpachi's flashbacks.

    Kyouraku with 2 VC ? Does this mean that he wants to appoint the younger and the older sister as his VC ? Since the old guy is a 3rd seat ?

    Now I'm even more sure that the beast isn't Unohana's shikia, but her Zan's Spirit.

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    ok mind = OFFICIALLY BLOWN. unohana was the first kenpachi? holy s**t. i knew she was hiding some skill behind her calm nature but i didn't think to this extent. kinda redundant that a healing person is also one of the deadliest killers in the bleach universe

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    Konjiki Ashisogi Jizō Daemon Spade's Avatar
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    like everyone else, I knew Onohana was strong/deadly, but I would have never guess "First Kenpachi". For some reason, shes a whole lot sexier

    Yes, Shunsui is the new Captain Commander. He is one of my favorite Captains. It's messed up how he just fired Nano though. Does that mean she is not in the Gotei 13 anymore?

    So I'm lost a little. If Onohana was the First Kenpachi, did she just give up the title? She was never defeated and shes still alive. Also Kenpachi is the title given to the strongest shinigami, so why wasnt Yama-ji or her Mentor a Kenpachi?

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    @Daemon spade...No he did not fire Nano read carefully she is going to be the new VC of the 1st division along with the previous 3rd seat of the 1st division unless im mistaken.

    But dddddddddaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm mm!!!!!! So shes the only person zaraki ever admired eh? Sure as hell tells u the full story about her true strength. N yea why the hell hasnt shunsui gotten inoue to heal his eye already. Unless kubo is looking for his version of kakashi in bleach lol

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    Holy reveals Batman! Unohana is the first Kenpachi!? Nice! Well people feared her for a reason and am liking this. Nice Kubo, very nice. Hell if you have to teach Kenpachi how to really kill someone, what the have he been doing this whole time.And of course Ichigo will be getting a whole lot stronger and it looks like Renji, Byakuya, and Rukia will a little power of out of this as well. Looking forward to the next couple of chapters.
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    Alright. First of, Kenpachi doesn't have, or perhaps doesn't remember his name. The first time we see him chronologically, he already has that scar on his face that goes over his left eye:

    It's possible that he lost his memories because of it, because frankly speaking, if the person he cherished the most didn't give him a name, then I'm not sure what to think of that person.

    Here, Kenpachi mentions that the only person he ever cared about was named Yachiru:

    And now, we know that Unohana's name is Yachiru (it might just be a coincidence, but the fact that she was the first Kenpachi suggested that it wasn't ):

    Then there is the question why wasn't Kenpachi able to recognize her ? The memory loss seems like a nice shot, assuming that the only thing he didn't forgot, was the name of the person he cherished the most, but without remembering how she looks like. It's also possible that she have changed strongly after all that time (maybe when he sees her without her brides or while fighting he will recognize her).

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    LOL, U MAD? Arbitrary's Avatar
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    Unohana might be responsible for Kenpachi's "seal".

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    Thinking forward, looking ahead:

    What can the Quincies be thinking right now. They Had the Shinigamis on the ropes, but the only Captain that died was Yamamoto. They would have done much better to kill off as many Captains as possible, they should have delayed their attack until they had enough forces to do this.

    Now Quincies knew about Squad Zero, so it is obvious that they (Quincies) haven't revealed all their cards yet. For instance, they are Mass Manufacturing arrancars.

    Obviously part of their ploy is to overwhelm SS with arrancars (like The Guy who tried to seal Ichigo's Bankai). WHy they did not Kill Kenpachi is beyond me.

    If Juha Bach returned to HM without sending reinforcements to Opie's location, I'd be dissapointed in their strategic thinking/abilities.

    I am not yet sold in th Shinigami's hopes, because losing Yamamoto Genrusai sets them back further than what I think that a Renewed Kenpachi or Unohana can make up.

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