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    Quote Originally Posted by Flare Blitz View Post
    Shikaku and the intelligence-force will prlly go down in history as legends,
    can't wait to see what amazing plan he came up with after gathering intell on every single asset on the battlefield. And what in god's name are sasuke and orochimaru up to atm...
    Wonder when Guy will go 8-gates batshit on madara and die aswell.
    I do not believe the HQ-squad is dead. Every single charakter that died so far, no matter how evil they were - Jirayia, the third Hokage, Asuma, Danzo, Nagato - got an homage before he really left us. Kishi dedicated several pages even to Kakashi's "death". I do not believe that Shikaku, Inoichi and Ao die, while they only receive barely 3 pages as a memento. By the way, that's why I don't believe Tsunade is dead, either.

    My guess: Kishi wants their decendants (Shikamaru, Ino...), meaning the next generation take over and show, what they are made of. But it will be one hell of a plan, that's for sure.

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    Barring any tricks by Kishi, there's only one person that could possibly save them all, and that's the Raikage's aid chick who can teleport things. But the problem is that her ability wasn't good for transporting people. So they're either all dead or she saved them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    Barring any tricks by Kishi, there's only one person that could possibly save them all, and that's the Raikage's aid chick who can teleport things. But the problem is that her ability wasn't good for transporting people. So they're either all dead or she saved them all.
    Believe me, I would be thrilled to agree with you. But the way Kishi made Obito survive his crushed body... Let's just say: As far as we know, you are absolutely right. But plot-no-jutsu remains the strongest jutsu.

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    inbetween Matsumoto's ______! Dont, judge me!
    ^^ I was thinking there may be another way they could be saved. If all the Kage's got there just in the nick of time. But, even thats a long shot.

    Oonoki and Gara's stone/sand shield could have softened the blow. Then Riakage swept in there and rescued them,'s a long shot

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    The chapter was great and I hope Kishi sticks to this outcome. I don't mind the good guys living, but we need some deaths to come out of this war.

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    I wonder if C5 is as big as the Bijuu super missle!?! Either way they gotta be dead, they are only side characters no matter how cool they were :'( plus where is the Akamichi clan and supersizing themselves to punch the Jubii in the face?????

    I hope Gai goes 8 gates too, and I want to see Lee soup up too, at least to 6 or 7 gates and fire off some afternoon tigers.
    A pie in the sky?

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    I think missing the 8 and 9 tails completeness is ok, as having just the smaller portions will work as "seeds" to grow them to the amount necessary to finish the juubi true form. Seems like it was a setback in timing only.

    I say this because the mazou was more visible and pronounced this chapter. The mazou is indeed the lotus! characteristic of hashirama's ultimate mokuton and something i strongly feel is vital and integral to what the so6p had intended with the cycle of things. I think there is a mystery to the mokuton more than is let on. I think the mokuton tech, especially as we see it react and flourish to naruto's second bijuu form, is obviously the physicality allowance in creation of all things and the giant lotus is the literal birthplace if bijuu, collected as the 10 tail form. Lotus - birth/womb/yoke and the earthen form is, as we know, its body. The lotus is transferring energy and nurturing its growth, which is developing the 8 and 9 tails chakra components to the necessary level.

    The lotus will likely blossom as the juubi reaches final form. Anybody with knowledge of lotus in cultural and spiritual meanings care to comment?

    Also, why don't we get some good guys with hashirama cells?! Yamato was a prototype and nowhere near the level necessary to compete with obito, much less madara. I think the obvious thing to happen now is for orochimaru to provide sasuke with hashirama cells. It's annoying and im tired of seeing uchiha leftovers the ONLY ppl using mokuton on the real level but unless obito hurries and betrays madara, sasuke will be the only one to compete against them. The fox and naruto might have a chance but the sharingan alone really makes it risky given the inherent weakness the fox has against it.

    Tobi's biz with sasuke was handled sloppily for sure but it's too soon to call broken plot IMO, i think the readers were right when they guessed tobi wanted sasuke for controlling the juubi. The massacre of uchiha still has unanswered questions (we know why konaha did it but what was behind their desire for coup? Why did tobi have a grudge? [Madara's will lingering?] Why did tobi facilitate itachi's massacre at the exact moment konaha asked him to carry it out?) Why was tobi interested in scoping out the stone and grinding the ax with the old clan conveniently at the same time they were to be disposed of by konaha?

    Lets have a good guy do something awesome and original outside the confines of uchiha and senju tech that competes against them and helps them win. The fourth hokage had space-time/ftg and body flicker that was, to me, as impressive as sharingan and mokuton. Hope naruto inherits some minato and kushina awesomeness real soon!

    Important edit:

    I know what shikikau's plan is! He asked for details of the previous fights. The detail that he is going to basing his plan on is when kakashi noticed the bondage breaking from the 8 tails as more mokuton had to be directed to the juubi as it began to emerge.

    The plan will involve affecting the mokuton in use and most likely the mazou! The first hokage is a well known figure in konaha, I'm sure there is secret knowledge dealing with his wood tech pros and cons. Naruto can possibly reverse flourish the mokuton or sakura will finally do something useful and go on mission with naruto to poison the mazou and mokuton. Shikikaku had Epiphany when he mentioned "flies", bugs eat and rot wood so something along that principle will be his plan, maybe even shino's clan but who knows how literally bugs will be involved. Most importantly, the shiki clan, nara, owns the konaha forest where medicine is produced. There will naturally be an understanding of wood and trees and plants, medical and poison. Im very positive the plan is involving subverting the mokuton!
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    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    Good chapter.

    I think i figured out how they will seperate the Jyuubi from Madara and Obito: Shikaku's comment "flies buzzing around its head" - what do you do to flies? You swat them, and if the flies are on top of your head near where Madara and Obito are, do they have enough control to stop it? - The Jyuubi may well force Madara and Obito to leave on their own accord in order to prevent being 'swatted'. Thats about the only way i can see them being seperated, is if they have to do it themselves.

    Then they can be taken out, Naruto will seal the Jyuubi in himself (or be eaten like Paul said - i like that idea), and Sasuke will get the Rinnegan for them to battle it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by [JUiCE] View Post
    The virginity is strong in this one.

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    I really liked this chapter! But the juubi looks really weird now. What's with that face? Why does he have his mouth on the left side of his face, while an ear on the right side? It's probably just a matured form, not his final form.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stev3child View Post
    Anyone think that giant scar on the Juubi's chest is the wound that was caused by an attack used by So6P to defeat the Juubi in their battle?
    What scar? I see no scar. Probably just the graphics from his biju bomb you see.

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    I think Shikaku's plan revolves around using Kakashi's Kamui and Ino-Shika-Chou Trio. Stopping the 10 tails means targeting the mind of Madara & Obito that controls it.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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