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Shikaku and the intelligence-force will prlly go down in history as legends,
can't wait to see what amazing plan he came up with after gathering intell on every single asset on the battlefield. And what in god's name are sasuke and orochimaru up to atm...
Wonder when Guy will go 8-gates batshit on madara and die aswell.
I do not believe the HQ-squad is dead. Every single charakter that died so far, no matter how evil they were - Jirayia, the third Hokage, Asuma, Danzo, Nagato - got an homage before he really left us. Kishi dedicated several pages even to Kakashi's "death". I do not believe that Shikaku, Inoichi and Ao die, while they only receive barely 3 pages as a memento. By the way, that's why I don't believe Tsunade is dead, either.

My guess: Kishi wants their decendants (Shikamaru, Ino...), meaning the next generation take over and show, what they are made of. But it will be one hell of a plan, that's for sure.