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    Quote Originally Posted by knife eater View Post
    Question, what would happen if a hashirama level mokuton technique which suppresses or steals chakra.. was used against madara who can absorb jutsu with his rinnegan? I wouldn't ask regarding any other elemental or doukutsu because obviously madara can absorb it, however, mokuton seems to a significant exception because of how integral it is to the mazou and also its special intertwining relationship with strong life forces and Yang. Just curious, also, if obito used mokuton against madara would it be different than if hashirama used it against a rinnegan wielding madara? Obito also has the rinnegan, can he use it to nullify madara's absorption abilities at any time?

    For me it's a tough call whether mokuton would be special or not when it negotiates an opposing rinnegan absorption.

    Another question.. can rinnegan enhance or perform outright the gathering of natural energy and producing sage chakra? Can it absorb a sage chakra attack and allow the chakra to be used by the rinnegan holder?
    This seems as good a time as ever to address some theories I've had involving Madara's Rinnegan absorption and its possible implications:

    - Madara told the Kage that only physical attacks would work on him. However, when he attempted to bust out his absorption powers against the Gaikage's Lightning/Water dragon combo, he was stopped by Gaara's Sand, which coated his hands and blocked his absorption. Now, it's possible that the sand penetrated the barrier which, much like certain stages of Susano'o, may not coat the entire area around his body, and thus can be breached. Perhaps because of this Gaara's sand is able to slip by and block Madara's hands and prevent him from channeling the barrier. However, I also feel there is reason to believe that techniques involving solid Earth element such as the Tsuchikage's stone or Gaara's sand may be "physical" enough to no longer be absorbed by chakra-absorbing techniques like Madara's barrier or the Samehada. However, more "energy" attacks like fire, lightning, and wind are freely absorbed, as is raw chakra and apparently water techniques.

    I would think it likely that the Mokuton could not be absorbed by the Rinnegan, despite being a technique created by chakra manipulation. If anything, a Mokuton technique which absorbs chakra would be able to devour the Rinnegan's absorption barrier.

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    Imo the chapter was excelent, especially the end.

    btw. why are so many people insisting, that a kekkei genkai is mixing to elements, when it's the other way around?
    Ability to mix two (or more) elements implicates bloodline limit, but bloodline limit doesn't implicate the ability to mix elements.

    Douhutsus, kimimaro's bones and whateven Sakon and Ukon were doing didn't have anything to do with elements as far as we know.

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