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Well, it said maturity and not complete or perfect form. This probably means that now it is able to give birth. It's possible that Obito's wide collection of Sharingans, was meant as a source material for future Jyubi powered Sharingan user army. We already know that it's possible to create soldiers from it's Mazou state (the Zetsu), but now that it is in it's 10-tailed form and has matured... looks like play time is over. What's more, it's possible that Sasuke was meant as a trump card, or at least his eyes if it really comes down to it.

The Sarutobi clan... now that's quite a revelation, not to mention about their sheer number.
Methinks you're taking the Maturity line way more literally than need be. If anything, it likely only means that Jyuubi is moving towards the next stage of its evolution, plain and simple. Also, it's important to note that the Zetsus did not come from the Mazou statue itself. Madara/Tobi is responsible for creating them using the 1st's cells. However, the chakra from the statue was used to help make them.