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    I think it's safe to assume that kekkei genkai is to get the same treatment as mangekyo and origin of 9 tails; meaning that how a character defined it before was from ignorance and the rules and limitations had plenty of exception.. to the point that there were no longer fixed rules but instead q basic principle to which to adhere. Molding chakra of two elemental natures and combining them into use for the same jutsu. Don't most jonin have 2 elemental affinities?

    The real bloodline limits are abilities granted by special conditions of the body or hereditary circumstances like byakugan, juugo's natural energy absorption.

    Things like laser circus are theoretically available to any shinobi from any family or village as long as that shinobi can use the 2 elements.
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    Soooo......Kabuto is still stabbing Itachi into crows on infinite loop, right?!


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    Not much to see here. You kind of expected that nothing won't work at the 10-tails right now.

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    I agree to a certain point.

    Again, it is a little contradictory to what kishi has made aware to us, kekkei genkai is indeed (in theory) possible to use, by any shinobi with 2 element affinity's, but it was always putted on a principle that although the 2 elements are the requisite, only elite ninjas could attain that ability, like naruto being able to combine futon with rasengan, jiraya, kakashi and minato weren't able to combine them with their elements, they were able to create rasengan and had mastery of at least one element, so by the same principle, they should be able to combine them.
    What is being discussed is the same about kekkei genkai, it was supposed to be something only elite ninjas could perform, and we see some spamming of kekkei's in this chapter.

    The (at least) 5 shinobi doing lazer, and ALOT of them performing Youton (lava) is a little out of the line of though for the coincidence of different shinobi, with the same elements, to perform the same kekkai genkai.
    I can go on with the idea that, in an entire village, there should be (by common percent) quite some ninjas capable of kekkei genkai's, but to be the same ?? it doesn't feel quite right, at least to me.

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    1. For people complaining about "thin" characters, that would probably be due to a combination of the target audience for the actual manga and incorrect expectations for things. One of the things I see all the time on manga forums is that people over-analyze everything, and are disappointed when the plot doesn't line up. It happens with every chapter.

    2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't kekkai genkai a genetic trait typically shared within a clan? We've gotten used to only seeing individual characters with them, but it would stand to reason that those individuals would have family members who could do them too, like the Uchiha clan having the Sharingan.

    3. The Juubi has a portion of the 8-tails and 9-tails chakra: The Mazou absorbed one of the 8-tails tentacles, and it absorbed the 9-tails chakra that was in Kinkaku and Ginkaku. It's not as powerful as it would have been if Obito and Madara had managed to capture the 9-tails and 8-tails, but structurally its all there.

    I'm more interested in what Madara meant by "perfect stage" (maturation in the mangastream version). Is it going to be a large flower on the back of the Juubi? It's going to look an awful lot like Venusaur if it is. (For those not familiar with pokemon ).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Temperjoke View Post
    2. Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't kekkai genkai a genetic trait typically shared within a clan? We've gotten used to only seeing individual characters with them, but it would stand to reason that those individuals would have family members who could do them too, like the Uchiha clan having the Sharingan.
    Exactely. Think of Kimimaro. That was a kekkai genkai, but he wasnt the only one in his village capable of using it. He just happened to be the strongest. So yea, I dont think kekkai genkai have to be limited to one person. But, it must be unique to a clan, IMO

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    To answer some of this Blood limit talk it seems fairly obvious a village like the Cloud that focused solely on view of attaining power would naturally purposely strive to maintain and increase their blood limits. However this is no different that what other blood limit clans do in regards to making sure their legacy is passed on through careful selection of mating to produce offspring with strong genes.

    The clans that have inherited blood limits will naturally strive to maintain it. The Tsuchikage has a blood limit as does his grand daughter, plus we know there are Explosive element users in the Stone. Darui probably belongs to clan that has the Storm element Blood limit just as Suigetsu's clan in the Mist has the hydration jutsu.

    There is nothing odd here as a blood limit is another bonus power that adds to the military strength of any village that has access to it so of course they will strive to maintain it.

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    Im guessing the perfect form is going to be a whole lot smaller than what it is now, thus the monkey wrench in the plan to lock down a massive monster lol.

    I like how they baked him into a cake haha, seems like the scale of the attacks from whole groups of people were about the same size as 1 sage mode Jiraiya
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    Perhaps the Juubi's perfect form will Regain its more human-like features, arms, legs, and face for instance.

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    Well, it said maturity and not complete or perfect form. This probably means that now it is able to give birth. It's possible that Obito's wide collection of Sharingans, was meant as a source material for future Jyubi powered Sharingan user army. We already know that it's possible to create soldiers from it's Mazou state (the Zetsu), but now that it is in it's 10-tailed form and has matured... looks like play time is over. What's more, it's possible that Sasuke was meant as a trump card, or at least his eyes if it really comes down to it.

    The Sarutobi clan... now that's quite a revelation, not to mention about their sheer number.

    I'm not surprised about clans with kekkei genkais not being small. Especially since Konoha itself had Hyugas and Uchihas with quite a number of members each not so long ago.

    Nice combinations.

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