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    Naruto 612 Discussion / 613 Predictions


    EDIT: MangaStream version.
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    Tobi and Madara acting as replacements for the 8-9 tails?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    I really hope Kishimoto starts making sense of all this. I am getting sick of this plot not adding up. The fact that they were able to resurrect the Juubi and seem to believe they can complete their plan without the Ninetails or Eighttails or Sasuke, doesn't make any sense based on what has been explained up until now.

    On top of that, it is becoming painful to listen to all of the characters continuously spew cliche ridden lines. In the past Naruto has had some great dialog and complex ideas but lately the characters all seem to have been reduced to recycled stereotypes. Every time I think Naruto has reached the epitome of a one dimensional cliche, he opens his mouth and takes it one step further. Naruto's speeches grow more nauseatingly lame by the chapter. Every time he speaks it is to receipt a cheesy line from other one dimensional hero types. I am finding it increasingly difficult to cheer on anyone in this series anymore. Tobi/Obito, is just a loser who went off the deep end, Madara is just an arrogant bastard with an inferiority complex and Sasuke is just an angry fool with no real ambition beyond killing whoever he can project blame upon. When this series started all the characters seemed to have interesting motivations and complex beliefs but lately it seems like all the characters (at least all the living ones) are just a bunch of children with petty ideals. Most of the characters with deep and interesting points of view are dead. Naruto isn't worthy of being the hero of this story and neither Sasuke, nor Tobi, nor even Madara seem like worthy villains anymore. Madara's goals don't even seem to be consistent with his character, and Obito, who seemed intelligent as Tobi, has now been reduced to a brainwashed moron who has spent his life whining over a girl who was never even his. Naruto and Tobi both just seem like a couple of over powered brats with hero complexes while Madara and Sasuke just seem like a couple of overpowered losers with inferiority complexes.

    With that said, there are still a lot of good things in this series, I really just hope Kishimoto has a good explanation for the direction the plot has taken and that he does something to make the characters more interesting again. So far nothing about Tobi's plan has really gone as he said it would and his whole motivation seems questionable at best. There has been no explanation for why he was so interested in Sasuke and Itachi or why he considered Sasuke so important. Madara seems like he has more power than ever and Obito just seems like he doesn't really care anymore. Tobi's whole plot throughout the series has been based around obtaining capturing the Kyuubi and developing the sharingan but neither of those things even seem to matter anymore. Tobi and Madara seem like they can just make the Eternal Tsukiyomi without either of those things so what was the point? I am holding out for a good twist.

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    @artifice Lol i like ur rant especially the parts regarding sasuke lol...been saying it for a while now but let me just repeat it once again. How sasuke is gonna fit into this final battle is really beyond me, not to mention his motivations for genocide are getting pretty far fetched even by manga standards. I mean even after the meeting with itachi he somehow remained the inane idiot that he is with his warped logic.

    As for the part on how the juubi is still being revived without the 8 or 9 tails i think that is the reason why they actually still stand a chance against it right now because it isn't fully powered up. But plotwise the past few chapters haven't really being moving and its about time to change that.

    On a side note temari getting more acquainted with shikamaru's family hehe...i like the direction of that.

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    1/5. Worse than last week: boring and messy

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    I second all of what you said up there and I'll add something: Kishi is spamming Kekkei Genkai techniques way too much! They're supposed to be rare...very rare, yet we see a whole platoon using the laser element, and another one using lava element. They're supposed to be unique to Darui and Kurotsuchi!

    Anyone noticed the Sarutobi clan being mentioned, ops..i mean shown actually. I didn't know there were other sarutobis out there.

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    - Nice group tactics...

    - Ksihi just threw that Sarutobi clan thing in there lol.

    - The Jyuubi's perfect from oh boy...

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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    The sarutobi clan is a bit of a head scratchier for me. On one hand you have uchiha and senju, two central clans to not only to konaha but the entire shinobi world. Uchiha were wiped out and no mention was ever made of the senju past the second and fifth hokages. On the other hand you have a main character, sasuke, who is an uchiha named after a sarutobi; specifically, the third hokage's father. From another thread we decided that the sarutobi were companion to uchiha and senju and sasuke sarutobi was a buddy or of significant role to both hashirama and madara. So, with all of that in mind, along with the up to now undisclosed fate of principal clans to sudden appearance of the sarutobi clan in number ...

    Will we finally start seeing senju or perhaps learn what became of them? They are the last group remaining lost in mystery and unknown so i have fingers crossed that they get some time in the coming chapters to have their story told.

    Tsunade's parents would be a good start if you ask me.

    Obito is shown to be succumbing more and more to talk no jutsu and naruto's "radiant rikkoudo" energy. Obito is seeing the shinobi united and of one accord (thanks in part to naruto, a big part) and realizing how it was once his dream and mistakenly abandoned. Madara's words hit obito hard, specifically "its hard to believe the shinobi of different villages could pull off such a perfect combo".. obito's face is telling, because how could he have known someone would succeed in pulling off the miracle of bringing everyone together and saving the world? The mere presence of the shinobi alliance proves clearly to obito that infinite tsukiyomi is not the answer. I give him 5 chapters or less before he turns away from madara and the moon's eye plan.

    Rereading chapters 550 to 600 i was able to answer some questions but raise new ones...

    Kabuto's motives using edo tensei to help tobi in the "war" was to exchange indestructible combatants for access to sasuke. His reason for using a haxxd up madara is, however, still a mystery and how it is a trump card can go several ways.

    Orochimaru wanted sage mode but lacked two things. First, a body that can handle it (kabuto informs us that some bodies are incompatible and cannot handle natural energy/sage chakra) and second, the location of the dragon sage "dojo"

    Juugi's clan received it's natural energy capacity from the dragon sage. The "cursed seal" effect resembles the juubi in that they can be defined as a chaotic and destructive force.

    Orochimaru's scroll was specifically said to be DATA! data is a type of information that usually can eschew instruction.

    Suigetsu was surprised that "even someone like orochimaru could have this" which means that whatever that data was was dealing with ultimate forces well above the level of sannin. Madara, hashirama, and so6p and sons are the only ppl at the level that can make orochimaru be addressed with "even someone like him".

    Secret scroll = data of ultimate powers, exudes natural energy, affords taking control of the war, tied to "the human who knows everything "
    Obito is Tobirama's great grandson. The proof is in the pudding.

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    LOL@ everyone from the rock having kekkei genkai (youton).

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    You guys seem kinda hung up on sudden kekkei genkai showing up en mass.
    Kekkei Genkai = a term used to describe an ability to mix two or more natural element into a single jutsu.
    Kekkei Genkai jutsus can be performed by two people with different natural element mixing their natural element, no? Though it is kinda hard to believe they can achieve this combo without some measure of training.

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