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    As a person who loves Online FPS the concept behind this game is great but....

    - This game feels cheap and rushed for one the spawn points are annoying with the exception of the airdrop spawn point.

    - The healing medical kit for teammates is difficult to use

    - The open continues voice chat is annoying feature which should be removed from all online games

    - Why cant we have a Socom styled press button to talk chat feature in more games so we don't need to hear motor mouth morons chat non stop. I hate listening to this sht

    - The controls feel under used as two buttons do nothing and the item selection feels clunky trying to sort through items.

    + Now I like the story line and the concept of the game and the idea of playing with so many people online sounds really cool however it doesn't live up to the hype.

    I'm not wasting money on this game its worth a rent and thats it ! I'm waiting for a real quality FPS Bad Comapny 2

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    This makes me wish I had a PS3. This is an amazing concept, and it seems to tote the aspect I like about online FPS's that so often gets ignored. I hope it works out, and that they learn what they need to improve on from the beta.

    So keep the complaints coming, and put 'em on the developer's website if you can be so kind. I want this thing as polished as can be by the time I get around to getting and a PS3 and this.

    Oh, and it was a brilliant move to do an open beta for this. Probably was the only way to actually test the game. No in-house, or closed beta testing could really show what happens to an online FPS when it goes live. That, and can you imagine hiring enough people to test this game fully in house? 0_0

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